Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Merry Christmas to one and all

Wishing you all a
Very Merry Christmas.
Have a wonderful time with your near and dear ones.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Some more fobs

I am enjoying making these as I can do it whenever I feel like it or if I find even a few minutes. Several have gone out as gifts already.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A bit of sadness today

Today is my dad's first death anniversary.So the day is tinged with sadness. I couldn't see him before he went and couldn't be there for the funeral either. I spoke to mum and she said she had invited close family members for dinner and a short prayer gathering and I can't be there for that either. Such is life.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Some fobs

First of all thank you all for the lovely comments you gave about my doll. Some of you might have noticed I changed her eyes. I just did not like her earlier eyes. Had to paint the eyes with acrylics and boy oh boy it was tricky. I never paint with acrylics, as I find I don't have enough control but had to do it. It took me at least an hour to repaint those eyes to get them to my liking.

Here are some of those fobs I have been making. Not as nice as yours Judi but they are fun to make and nice little things to include with gifts

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Not so good weekend

Isabelle thank you so much for the suggestions. They are great only problem is my mum doesn't entertain anymore and my mother in law I know will store it away in her cupboard and say oh it is too lovely to be used LOL!   I think I will have to  think of something more practical. Thanks for the suggestion Well the start to my weekend has not been very good. On Friday while returning from work someone knocked our car from behind while we were stationary. Then on Saturday someone reversed into our car  in the supermarket car park! They say trouble comes in threes. I sincerely hope not. But luckily both the times the knock wasn't too bad but still there are a couple of dents to the car what a pain!
Kitchen is still not complete but at least it is workable now.

The good news is I have actually finished my fairy. Haven't got a name for her yet. But she is fairy of the undergrowth. She has emerged to the light to see for herself what the above the undergrowth world is like. She has heard that there are lovely beautiful things above. She doesn't have pretty cloths and her cloths keep getting caught in the undergrowth hence her cloths are tattered and she has bit of folliage clinging to her. The fairies above the undergrowth sprinkle her with fairy dust to make her look presentable as she certainly can't visit the Fairy Queen in tattered cloths. I think she is not at home in the new look she has got hence that rather lost look on her face

Friday, December 09, 2005

On going saga of kitchen

Judi I can't give the wings another coat because I have already stuck rhinestone on the veins and painted it with glitter. I only wish I had painted it with a different shade of gold. Didn't get to finish the doll last night as when I returned from work there was no water at home. The plumber had turned off everything and gone so we couldn't have a shower or wash anything. What a paingrrr !  Had to get the builder back he came around 10 O'clock at night and got the system working again. but I was so exhausted that I just wanted to curl up and sleep. Infact I did just that while we waited for the man to come. So had a late shower and guess what all my sleep had disappeared, so I sat in bed and made some scissor fobs. Sorry haven't taken any pictures perhaps I will do them today. They are cool and so easy to make aren't they. Thanks for giving some lovely ideas Judi.  I am going to make some to give as gifts. Perhaps I will make heaps while I am in the plane. Must remember to take beads and the bits in my handbag

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wings and cap done

Finally I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have finished my fairy's wings. Tried out Jean Bernard's technique. I am not completely satisfied but it will do. I am still learning to handle any sort of clay. Her cap is a plastic bit I salvaged from a flower which I had shred to bits. Thought it might come in use sometime and kept it with my other junk that I have collected,so it came in handy as a cap for the fairy. I have decorated the wings with lots of accent beads and glitter and stones and beads. Can't see any of it in the picture. I wish I had used a different gold paint for the viens as this one looks a bit too yellow but can't help it now that its done. My fairy will have to live with it LOL I have done the hair on the doll but have to add a bit more to the costume. Will take a picture perhaps tomorrow and show.

I don't feel settled with so much of work going on and I have to pack away everything for the workmen to do the work while we are away. Wanted to make a doll for a friend but looks like I will have to do it in the new year. Time is running away. The kitchen is nearing completion. I am hoping the workmen will clear out by Friday at least as we are getting guests on Sunday.

Today Jey went and bought a Christmas tree. He said we must have a tree at least even if it is for only a few days. Then we will have to pack it away before we go to India. Every year we give something to our friend's kids when they come home. It will be nice if we can have a tree for them to take the pressies from under it as always. Feels a bit odd not having any decorations or a tree this year. It will be first time ever when we have not had any decorations up for Christmas. A pity as I love to do the decorations. But at least I got my fairy made for Christmas. I went and did some Christmas shopping today. Had to get those gifts to take home. Still need to buy for my mum and my mother in law. I am scratching my head I have run out of ideas as what to get for them. Have you any suggestions?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Doll Hair

Thank you all for your lovely comments.

When I first started making dolls. Doing the hairstyle for the doll was always daunting. But once I got the hang of it I am not itimedated by it anymore. So Isabelle don't be afraid to try out various ways of hairstyling on the doll. Depending on what the doll head is going to be like I do the hair. On smaller heads I tend to glue the hair on and disguise the glue with some embellisments on top. For intance for this doll I most probably will glue the hair on as I want to put a small hat on her head. So she is not going to need a lot of hair. In other dolls I first stitch the hair on the head and then glue it underneath to make it hold better or I poke the hair into the head with felting needles just like as you would felt. and then dab a little bit of glue to hold the hair in place. I could send you some instructions if you like. They are very simple instructions which I wrote for my basic dollmaking classes in India.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Some more embellishing done

Thank you Judi and Isabelle, I am getting some more of the embellishing done. I didn't show the whole doll because I couldn't get a good picture of the skirt to show as the fabric is so sheer so I had to come closer to take the picture. Once she is more decent you can have a look at her again. Did I tell you I tried to crackle her but she wouldn't crackle. This lady has a mind of her own!!
I will have to have a go at crackling again on something else.
Funny how one gets stuck on one colour for a while. My last doll also had a green costume.
Spent whole of yesterday trying to do the doll. I want to finish her quick and start another one for a friend.
I ended up using yarn for her body. I couldn't find the stuff I had bought from the model shop. No doubt it will turn up one day.
There is going to be more chaos in the house. Once the kitchen finishes hubby wants to get the rewiring done. I guess it has got to be done but I won't be doing any sewing then for a while a pity. How am I going to survive!! LOL! Just the thought of not being able to sew makes me want to runaway with the sewing machine to a corner LOL!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Having fun

I am having a lot of fun creating the costume for my Wacky Fairy but not so Wacky after all . I wanted a certain green tulle but couldn't get any so decided to dye it with acrylic colours then I painted it with some glitter and I have now shred it a bit at the bottom. The result was lots of bits of tulle with glitter on it. So I thought I was not going to throw it away as I literally covered myself as well with glitter while painting it LOL! So now I glow whenever I touch her. A pity it doesn't show up well in the picture. Since I can still see her legs through the skirt I stuck all these bits to the skirt and added a few beads here and there. It does give a nice texture to it. I am also going to add some more bits to the skirt to make it a bit more interesting. We were talking about colour of doll eyes in Fabricdollart and I said I usually make green eyes but for this doll for some reason I made blue eyes and I am dressing her with green LOL!
Sometime ago I got some strange green rubbery shredded stuff from a model shop. Thought it might come in use sometime. This doll is crying out for it but I can't find it. I remember tucking it away but again like many things in my house at the moment I can't find it!! So I went and bought some more yarn which I think will work for what I have in mind.
House is totally disorganised again as we are having a new kitchen put in. Looks like it is going to take weeks grrrr.....

Saturday, November 19, 2005

How can brown be voilet?

Your Eyes Should Be Violet

Your eyes reflect: Mystery and allure

What's hidden behind your eyes: A quiet passion

Mmmm very interesting and fun. I don't think I would say my eyes are voilet LOL!! Perhaps I should do this test again tee... heee...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wacky DIP

Well here is my DIP for Wacky Fairy. I needle sculpted her features and then hid the stitches with paperclay over it. Shows how inexperienced I am in doing things with paper clay. I should have sanded the face down a bit more to make it more smooth. Tee...heee... I think her nose is a bit too much on the large side!. I painted the whole doll with gesso and then with acrylic paints. For the face painting I used all sorts of things. I used gel pens and colour pencils and my make up eye shadow and rouge and jacquard dyes etc. As I was not getting the look I wanted. Now I want to put the crackle medium on but thought if the pens ran then all my effort would be wasted so I sprayed it with a fixer. Then I thought the colour of the eyes had dulled so decided to go over with black. The result was I have actually spoilt her eyes. The black became too black and when I sprayed her again with fixer I over did it sheesh! So one eye has actually run. But then she is going to be a wackey fairy so does it matter very much?

Hubby is back

At last hubby is back from the hospital. He has to have more blood tests as his liver has been affected by the drugs so they want to keep an eye on him. Otherwise he is fine but gets tired quickly. But at least he is out of hospital and on the mend.

I am still waiting for my cable to arrive so no sewing done. But my crackle medium arrived so now I can try it on the doll. I will post a picture of her as she is now and after the crackle. I know she is a challenge doll but she is hardly wacky so I don't think it will make a difference one way or the other so I will show her when I get a picture of her. I have painted her face. I used gel pens on her and I am not sure if it will run when I put the medium so first I will have to experiment by doing it on a seperate piece of cloth. Also I rubbed in some Jacquard shimmer dyes into the face and body but I am not sure if it will show up. I can only experiment and see if it works.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Well finally after observing my hubby they have started giving him some antibiotics today. At least I am relieved that it is nothing to do with his transplant. They are treating him for lung infection now, so he might have to stay in hospital a bit longer than I thought.

Phoned the company about my machine cable. I have to wait for 2 weeks to get it. I miss stitching now as it would have helped me keep my mind occupied at home while my hubby is not there. I am also waiting for some crackle medium to arrive which I have been wanting to try on my doll which has been sitting and waiting patiently for a long long time. Judi I am going to do what you did as an experiment. But I am really going to dress her up to the T for Christmas, that is when I get the medium!
I was also hoping to finish my couple who are so much in love secretly with each other. They also have been waiting so very patiently for me to dress them up for such a long time. I think now they are dying to announce to the world that how much in love they are LOL!!.

Thank you all for putting your kind words on my blog.


Monday, November 07, 2005

One of those weeks!

Well I haven't blogged for a while. It has been one of those weeks. I was flying high and had to come down with a bump! Hubby has not been well whole of last week. He has gone to hospital still waiting for him to call and tell me if all is well.
Yesterday I wanted to take advantage of the quite time I had and stitch those bags but my power cable for the machine has disappeared. I have a horrible feeling that I might have thrown it away with all the rubbish I was clearing last week. I have searched for it high and low sigh! But I can't find it. How frustrating! I have to now order a new cable just when I want to stitch.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Tremendous weekend

This weekend has been so great for me. Not only did I get a surprise gift and won the gypsy challenge but I also received a beautiful doll from Linda Kay Murphy. Linda and I were swap partners for one colour swap. We decided to swap with each other whenever we finished our dolls. I gave mine to Linda when I went to EDAC and Linda sent me hers now. My it has been worth waiting for her doll it is beautiful.I love everything about her. Thank you Linda for being such a great partner. Linda also sent me lots of goodies along with the doll I love everything she sent. I am in 7th heaven now!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

She Won!!

Yipee!! she won! She won The Best of Show! Oh yes Judi I am floating at the moment that I am not feeling one bit sleepy. I really should be tucked in bed now.
When someone congratulated me I thought well either she has got one end of the stick wrong or I have. But everyone joined in the chorous as it were and it slowly started to sink in that I had actually won! Wow it has been a great day for me. I almost did not enter the challenge. With my house move and going to US and back again and going to India and trying to get the house in order I almost gave up. When I came back from India I started on her and I had barely 2 weeks to finish and send her off before the deadline. I wasn't even sure that she would reach in time. I am glad I did. This is my first ever major Challenge win oh I think I will keep floating for a while.
Here is the link for Susan's photos of the Gypsies http://tinyurl.com/7upxj
Thank you Susan for the photos

Friday, October 28, 2005

Here she is!!

Well I think I can now share my gypsy with you all. So here she is. Her name is Apsara which means heavenly being in Indian language. So be careful that she doesn't cast her spell on you with her big eyes and her little bag of tricks she carries with her . Mind you she is the gentlest of ladies so she won't harm you.  I believe she is having a great time in Houston with all her mates who I hear are amazing. Can't wait to see their pictures!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lovely surprise!

Last night when I got home from work I had a lovely surprise waiting for me. When I opened the packet I found this wonderful ATC and fabric and trims and a birthday card with it. It was Patty from Washington and the last person I thought who would remember my Birthday. Actually I don't even remember exchanging Birth dates with her. We met in London a couple of times when Patty visited UK with her DH. Since then we have kept in touch but I was so touched when I got this little gift. It is a long time since I have had a surprise like this.

I came across the wonderful link while surfing through some blogs http://www.marquise.de/ It has even got patterns that you can download to make.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Easy Peasy Pattern

I got this link from one of my doll groups. It is for a free doll pattern. http://www.abracreations.com/Free-Pattern.html
I thought of posting it here because it is such an easy pattern that anyone can make it up. It can be made as complex or as simple as you like and it can be such a wonderful gift for a special friend for Christmas. I have no affliation with the lady just thought it is such a cute pattern if anyone is looking to make up little gifts for Christmas.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Just for fun

Some of you might have seen this before but I hope this brings a smile on anyone passing by.

Stress Test

The attached picture was devised as part of a stress test developed
by researchers at St. Mary's Hospital in London. It is the final
picture of a series of stress determinators to gauge the amount of
stress a patient has built up over a short time.

Look at the attached picture of two dolphins jumping out of the
water in tandem.

The research has shown that the more differences you notice in the
two dolphins, the more stressed you are. This is attributed to the
concentration and recognition influences intensifying when
The two are very similar, so if you can tell the difference without
looking hard, you should pack up work and go home immediately

Monday, October 17, 2005

My visit to Ally Pally

I went to Ally Pally on Saturday. I meant to spend at least 6 hours there but ended up spending only 2 hours. Getting to Ally Pally was a nightmare. Usually on a normal working day with all the traffic it takes me about an hour to reach London but on Saturday it was unbeleivable.It took me 3 hours to reach London. So I had to rush here there and everywhere. There is so much to see but I couldn't linger on anywhere.
However I did manage to meet Barbara Willis, Patti Culea and Betts Vidal. As always they had many lovely dolls on display and I simply had to buy their patterns.

This is Barbara and Betts at their Stall.
I was very extravagant in the bead stall. I am not going to tell you how much I spent! I have to forget it somehow. But hey I don't usually spend so much on beads so once in a year is allowed I think. I also bought some lovely yarns but limited myself to buying tiny bundles.

This one was beautiful and so sparkely but too expensive, so I settled for smaller bundles

I thought I would try out more felting with this fibre. I want to make something out of felt for the dolls.

Loved the colour of these yarns so I got a small bundle.
I wish I had had more time there were some lovely yarns this year.

I love these silk cocoons. I got some plain ones too so that I can dye them to my liking. Have to experiment got lots of ideas.

Time just flew by and it was time to say goodbye to Barbara and Betts. Patti had disappeared as she was going to the theater for a show. I hope she got there on time as getting away from AP was as bad. Met up with Jan too. Again because I was pushed for time I just about managed to say hello to her.
It took my husband more than an hour to come and pick me up even though he was not far away. Next time I will take the train.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

What I bought





Got some Christmas decorations which I want to show you. They are lovely and the pictures don't do them justic. I bought them mainly as they gave me ideas for dolls. The angel wings are just so cool. Judi I think your microbeads will come very handy in making wings like these.
The bauble has some lovely colours so I thought could use that colour combination and the design in my dollmaking. I don't know how I am going to do it but well had to get it as it looks so pretty.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Back to normal

Thanks to Isabelle my blog . Isabelle corrected the template and sent it to me. Thank you again Isabelle. I am back to normal too and I am excited about going to Ally Pally this Saturday. Will be meeting up with Patti, Barbara and Betts. Its always such a pleasure to meet them again. A pity I couldn't take any of the workshops that Barbara and Patti were giving.

The Christmas decorations are out in a lot of Departmental shops in London. One of my favourite passtimes after work while coming to meet hubby is go and look at the decorations. This year Selfridges have got some lovely decorations. I am getting a lot of inspiration by looking at these decorations. Already a doll is begining to dance in my head! Of course I end up spending!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Oh dearie me!

I don't know what happened here. I was trying to insert a link and look what happened to my blog! Don't know what I did wrong. Can anyone help? Must have changed the format somehow somewhere but I don't know what I changed. I am clueless help.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


My head feels all stuffed up and the nose is runnig feel awful. Wish I didn't have to come to work and was all nicely tucked up in bed. Well it will pass. Hope I can sleep tonight as well as I slept last night. Feels like a long time ago though.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

No sewing done

Ah all my well laid plans didn't work. Thought I would keep this weekend just for sewing but alas ended up doing other things than sewing. Saturday went for a wedding didn't realise we were invited for the wedding breakfast as well! Only when we got there someone told us so we had to stay. That was the end of Saturday. Today I thought ok I will start on Isabelle's bags, got the fabric out and in walked hubby saying he would like to fix the cupboards and shelves and needed a hand. Soooo that is the end of my weekend. Hope you all had a much more productive weekend.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thank you

Thank you all for your lovely comments. I too had a great time teaching them. Inspite of having hicups on the first day with the machines they all did a great job.

Thanks for the Gypsy kudos too. She is away now to the US. I did share my finished doll with Isabelle and Sarah but will wait to put it up on the net until after the event.

My Gypsy

Well I thought I would share the beginings of my Gyspy doll. She is not completed but I won't show her till she is judged but I can show her when she was being created so here she is

Sunday, September 25, 2005

More Pictures of doll class

Think her hair suits her?

Here come the dolls!

More pictures of doll workshop

Here are more pictures of my dollmaking workshop. This workshop was for advance dollmaking. I taught them to sculpt the face and turn tiny fingers, costuming, hair and face painting.

Meera one of the very keen ladies an accomplished artist and a teacher enjoying every moment.

Sarika is another young talented lady. Looking forward to seeing her finished doll.

Giving her doll a hair style.