Thursday, November 24, 2005

Some more embellishing done

Thank you Judi and Isabelle, I am getting some more of the embellishing done. I didn't show the whole doll because I couldn't get a good picture of the skirt to show as the fabric is so sheer so I had to come closer to take the picture. Once she is more decent you can have a look at her again. Did I tell you I tried to crackle her but she wouldn't crackle. This lady has a mind of her own!!
I will have to have a go at crackling again on something else.
Funny how one gets stuck on one colour for a while. My last doll also had a green costume.
Spent whole of yesterday trying to do the doll. I want to finish her quick and start another one for a friend.
I ended up using yarn for her body. I couldn't find the stuff I had bought from the model shop. No doubt it will turn up one day.
There is going to be more chaos in the house. Once the kitchen finishes hubby wants to get the rewiring done. I guess it has got to be done but I won't be doing any sewing then for a while a pity. How am I going to survive!! LOL! Just the thought of not being able to sew makes me want to runaway with the sewing machine to a corner LOL!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Having fun

I am having a lot of fun creating the costume for my Wacky Fairy but not so Wacky after all . I wanted a certain green tulle but couldn't get any so decided to dye it with acrylic colours then I painted it with some glitter and I have now shred it a bit at the bottom. The result was lots of bits of tulle with glitter on it. So I thought I was not going to throw it away as I literally covered myself as well with glitter while painting it LOL! So now I glow whenever I touch her. A pity it doesn't show up well in the picture. Since I can still see her legs through the skirt I stuck all these bits to the skirt and added a few beads here and there. It does give a nice texture to it. I am also going to add some more bits to the skirt to make it a bit more interesting. We were talking about colour of doll eyes in Fabricdollart and I said I usually make green eyes but for this doll for some reason I made blue eyes and I am dressing her with green LOL!
Sometime ago I got some strange green rubbery shredded stuff from a model shop. Thought it might come in use sometime. This doll is crying out for it but I can't find it. I remember tucking it away but again like many things in my house at the moment I can't find it!! So I went and bought some more yarn which I think will work for what I have in mind.
House is totally disorganised again as we are having a new kitchen put in. Looks like it is going to take weeks grrrr.....

Saturday, November 19, 2005

How can brown be voilet?

Your Eyes Should Be Violet

Your eyes reflect: Mystery and allure

What's hidden behind your eyes: A quiet passion

Mmmm very interesting and fun. I don't think I would say my eyes are voilet LOL!! Perhaps I should do this test again tee... heee...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wacky DIP

Well here is my DIP for Wacky Fairy. I needle sculpted her features and then hid the stitches with paperclay over it. Shows how inexperienced I am in doing things with paper clay. I should have sanded the face down a bit more to make it more smooth. Tee...heee... I think her nose is a bit too much on the large side!. I painted the whole doll with gesso and then with acrylic paints. For the face painting I used all sorts of things. I used gel pens and colour pencils and my make up eye shadow and rouge and jacquard dyes etc. As I was not getting the look I wanted. Now I want to put the crackle medium on but thought if the pens ran then all my effort would be wasted so I sprayed it with a fixer. Then I thought the colour of the eyes had dulled so decided to go over with black. The result was I have actually spoilt her eyes. The black became too black and when I sprayed her again with fixer I over did it sheesh! So one eye has actually run. But then she is going to be a wackey fairy so does it matter very much?

Hubby is back

At last hubby is back from the hospital. He has to have more blood tests as his liver has been affected by the drugs so they want to keep an eye on him. Otherwise he is fine but gets tired quickly. But at least he is out of hospital and on the mend.

I am still waiting for my cable to arrive so no sewing done. But my crackle medium arrived so now I can try it on the doll. I will post a picture of her as she is now and after the crackle. I know she is a challenge doll but she is hardly wacky so I don't think it will make a difference one way or the other so I will show her when I get a picture of her. I have painted her face. I used gel pens on her and I am not sure if it will run when I put the medium so first I will have to experiment by doing it on a seperate piece of cloth. Also I rubbed in some Jacquard shimmer dyes into the face and body but I am not sure if it will show up. I can only experiment and see if it works.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Well finally after observing my hubby they have started giving him some antibiotics today. At least I am relieved that it is nothing to do with his transplant. They are treating him for lung infection now, so he might have to stay in hospital a bit longer than I thought.

Phoned the company about my machine cable. I have to wait for 2 weeks to get it. I miss stitching now as it would have helped me keep my mind occupied at home while my hubby is not there. I am also waiting for some crackle medium to arrive which I have been wanting to try on my doll which has been sitting and waiting patiently for a long long time. Judi I am going to do what you did as an experiment. But I am really going to dress her up to the T for Christmas, that is when I get the medium!
I was also hoping to finish my couple who are so much in love secretly with each other. They also have been waiting so very patiently for me to dress them up for such a long time. I think now they are dying to announce to the world that how much in love they are LOL!!.

Thank you all for putting your kind words on my blog.


Monday, November 07, 2005

One of those weeks!

Well I haven't blogged for a while. It has been one of those weeks. I was flying high and had to come down with a bump! Hubby has not been well whole of last week. He has gone to hospital still waiting for him to call and tell me if all is well.
Yesterday I wanted to take advantage of the quite time I had and stitch those bags but my power cable for the machine has disappeared. I have a horrible feeling that I might have thrown it away with all the rubbish I was clearing last week. I have searched for it high and low sigh! But I can't find it. How frustrating! I have to now order a new cable just when I want to stitch.