Monday, December 12, 2005

Some fobs

First of all thank you all for the lovely comments you gave about my doll. Some of you might have noticed I changed her eyes. I just did not like her earlier eyes. Had to paint the eyes with acrylics and boy oh boy it was tricky. I never paint with acrylics, as I find I don't have enough control but had to do it. It took me at least an hour to repaint those eyes to get them to my liking.

Here are some of those fobs I have been making. Not as nice as yours Judi but they are fun to make and nice little things to include with gifts


Judi said...

Oh hush - your fobs are great! You have unique beads and bits and bobs to hang from them. I like them!

Isabelle said...

Dear Shashi, they're great!! You are so talented! Like Judi says they are unique and truly my friend, those are not "little things to include with gifts", but gorgeous gifts in themselves!