Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Thank you

Thank you for the kudos ladies about my Jester. I am so happy Isabelle that you get inspired looking at my dolls. It has put a great big smile on my face. I am so happy.
Must confess about the jester though. I didn't get the pattern for the jester in time to presew it before I went. Then because of the move my machine was all packed up so my teacher was kind enough to sew the body parts for me. So the colour choice of fabrics was purely hers. I only stuffed and sewed and embellished it. I am going to make another one with different colours. I too like him very much.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Here is my Clown

No wrong Judi here he is. Almost done, needs a cap but as always life intrudes when I am at home so couldn't get round to doing his cap yet. Perhaps tonight I will do it.

EDAC pics

Here are some pictures I have to share from my US conference. I am no photographer so the pictures are not great but just thought would share a few pictures

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This doll was made by the youngest member who took part in this conference. She was just a 10 year old. She one one of the best dolls prize. This young lady is going to go far. Her talent is amazing! A very creative young lady.

Here come the clowns. Well I took this workshop. My doll is almost complete and I will post pictures of him soon. He is fully armatured and a fun doll to make.
Isabelle to answer the question about whether I put wire in my dolls the answer is usually I wire only the fingers and arms and most of my dolls have some prop or the other to make them stand or sit in a position or they stand without any help.

Ok I am going to go and complete that doll and show you some pictures. So bye for now.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

My doll kit

Isabelle, I couldn't really sell them here as I wouldn't know what price to put on it. I buy things in India and add to the kit and then sell it to the students at a very small price which really doesn't cover the cost , as I know most will not be able to afford expensive things. I put a price on the kits just to make the students realise that I am also working hard for the class and they should not take my efforts lightly.

Having said that Isabelle I could send you the pattern if you are interested free as it is my pattern and I can do whatever with it. It is a very simple template pattern which I made especially keeping beginner doll makers in mind. But it might be too simple for you as you are an accomplished seamstress. I could also add a few Indian beads and trims with it. Let me know if you are interested. You asked if French instructions would be a problem. I am learning French so it would be great to try and see if I can really understand. If I have problems I could always say help to you.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

At last some pictures

At last I am able to show you some pictures of my new house and garden. Oops sorry that is some of my dolls and me taken just before we left our old house.

This my new house the back view.

This my new house the back view.

Back garden with pond.

I think that is enough of my garden will show you my craft room once I get things sorted out indoors. At the moment it seems like a railway station! There is a front garden as well but didn't get round to taking pictures from the street.

I am busy stitching up my kits for the up coming doll classes that I am going to give in India. Have to burn the midnight lamp as I am leaving on the 2nd for India.
This is what it looks like.

I am sewing up about 15 of these body parts and making a kit which I will give the students when they register for the classes. I am looking forward to it. I hope to include in the kit, stuffing tool, some beads and trims for them to get started. The pattern as well. Hopefully there will be more budding doll artists born.

Friday, August 19, 2005


I have been well and truely inspired by my workshops that I took in US. So I decided that I am going to inco-operate what I learnt into my coming project. So my first step was to go and buy some fabric. Now do I need more fabric? Ofcourse I do because I simply don't have that texture or colour of fabric in my stash! Ha.. ha.. I am doing the Gypsy Challenge. I have the face finished, got to do the body and the costuming. Hope to get started this weekend.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Back home!!

I am back and well and truely inspired by all the doll artists I met up with. I attended 2 work shops one was for a clown on a bike and the other to make fairy wings with apoxy sculpt. The teachers were fantastic I will upload some pictures when I get my home computer working.In the meantime here is one of my dolls that won a prize from Pamela the Gypsy and I am so thrilled about it. I won $50 dollers and was able to spend it all in her super duper wonderful shop.

One of my friends also fell in love with my Italian Challenge Doll. So she stayed behind with her.

This doll was made for the Italian Challenge in which we were to use the Italian flag tricolour fabrics and some trims which we got in a the kit. We were to use the Italian map and the islands as the pattern to make a doll. So this is what I made The arms and the purse are the two islands and the main body the Italian map. Oh again I will get a better picture once my home computer is all set up.

I have so much to tell you all but am so frustrated at the moment because the computer at home is not up and running.
So for now will have to just wait.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Leaving tomorrow for EDAC.

At last the much awaited date has almost arrived for my visit to US. I am looking forward to it very much. Excited at the prospect of meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones. Also I am looking forward to learning new skills. I know I am going to enjoy myself. Its a long time since I actually sat down and put some time into my art only. Life always intrudes at home but at the conference I will be doing only what I want to do Oh what bliss!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Edac doll conference

Well time seems to have flown! It is almost time for me to go to Alburquerque. I will be leaving on Wednesday. So much to do and so little time. I didn't have the time to make a doll for the challenge this year. I would have loved to but the house move was such a big upheaval I just did not find the time to do anything. I have barely managed to get a goodie bag ready. But oh I am looking forward to meeting everyone again. I am sure there will be many new ladies joining us and it would be so good to put a face and meet up with them.

My computer at home is still not up and running so I am having to write from my office computer. For the next few weeks I may not be able to get time to write. I will take lots of pictures at EDAC to share. I come back on the 15th and then leave for India on the 2nd of September. I am hoping to give some doll making classes when I go to India. I always get excited at the propect of teaching my skills to others. I know I have to burn the night oil to prepare for it. Lot of stitching to be done. Hope I will be able to finish in time.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Finally moved

At last we have arrived in our new house. Whew! I thought the boxes would never stop arriving!
How did we manage to have so much my mind boggles.
I am aching all over from scrubbing the kitchen and the bathrooms. Shows how fit I am!
The people in the neighbourhood are very nice. One lady brought a lovely cake another came and gave some delicious chocholate cake I am sure its not going to do any wonders to my figure not that I have a good figure but I sure don't want to grow plumpy overnight tee..heee.. and the others came and said hello to welcome us.
Now I will get down to opening my fun stuff. Oh goodness I have only a few days left before I fly off to US for my doll conference and I have to find the things that I am taking. It is all panic stations now!