Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hubby is back

At last hubby is back from the hospital. He has to have more blood tests as his liver has been affected by the drugs so they want to keep an eye on him. Otherwise he is fine but gets tired quickly. But at least he is out of hospital and on the mend.

I am still waiting for my cable to arrive so no sewing done. But my crackle medium arrived so now I can try it on the doll. I will post a picture of her as she is now and after the crackle. I know she is a challenge doll but she is hardly wacky so I don't think it will make a difference one way or the other so I will show her when I get a picture of her. I have painted her face. I used gel pens on her and I am not sure if it will run when I put the medium so first I will have to experiment by doing it on a seperate piece of cloth. Also I rubbed in some Jacquard shimmer dyes into the face and body but I am not sure if it will show up. I can only experiment and see if it works.

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Isabelle said...

Oh Shashi, I'm glad to read your husband is back. Haven't had a chance to email you, but you sure have been on my mind.
I hope he recovers quickly. I'm sure you'll take great care of him.

Your doll sounds amazing and I can't wait to see a picture!
(I'm trying to make a cat doll for Seb but hush! It's a secret and it is so experimental for me (I'm making the pattern), I hope I won't mess up!)

Well I'm relieved now. I'm happy to know that you and your husband are reunited :o) Hugs!