Sunday, September 24, 2006

What I have been doing

Yesterday I was browsing through the Christmas section in one of the Departmental stores. I do this every year when the Christmas decorations are out as I get lots of ideas just by looking at them. I saw a cute little figure (wish I had my camera with me) and I want to make a doll to look like that now! I can feel my mind going into over drive as various ideas have started crowding in. Do you all find the same thing happening to you? Once a doll starts taking shape in your mind another one starts forming and another one so that you feel you are going to burst! Well I have sort of done a rough drawing and suddenly I thought Oh my gosh! I hope I haven't subconsciously done the head like Judi's gnome! So I quickly tripped over to her site to check and sighed a sigh of relief. No it looks completely different. The nose is different and so is the body and the head thank goodness for that!
See Judi you are such and inspiration. Seeing you create your little fella I have started one as well.LOL!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Body parts!

I was just thinking today what I would like to send someone. (not naming names here te..he...) and as I was rummaging around I came across these 2 legs. Actually I had the whole doll body when I went to India but during my doll class I had to give away the head the body and the hands to various students. So now I am left with these 2 parts and I think they are going to get regenerated into a doll again.

Now this body and leg has been lying around for a while. I don't know if there was another leg to go with it LOL! I will have to do something about it soon. I don't usually have parts lying around like this but it is begining to happen more frequently now. I wonder what that means?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Doll by my student

I had a lovely surprise from my student. She sent me a picture of the doll she made in the class so here it is. Chitkala did wonders with the pattern. This is what she wrote about the doll
" I am sending 2 pictures of "Nefertiti". The doll insisted onbeing a member of the Egyptian Pharaoh royalty and the headgearseemed to be appropriate. There seems to be only a bust at the BerlinMuseum and I couldn't find a full picture of Nefertiti (except themummy skeleton which is believed to be Nefertiti's!!). After beingshut up in a pyramid or wherever,I am sure she would not mind beingclad in a modern mini skirt and top!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Papier Workshop

I had nine very enthusiastic students in my class in Chennai(Madras). They seemed to have had great fun even though the time ran out for completing their dolls. They went satisfied that they had learnt some fun stuff in the doll making class. Here are some photos that I want to share with you.

Some of these ladies had never made any dolls before so they really had fun stitching and stuffing and learning the basics.
One very talented lady busy stitching away.

They all just jumped in with enthusiasm

Busy painting the dolls

Chitkala showing her lovely doll.

Nearly there and they were very creative with the paper clothing.
I am hoping they will send me photos of the completed dolls soon.


I would like you to meet Spike. He lives in my brother's house. Spike thinks he is shy but he is not really. He just wants to play a bit with us first. So I had a hard time photographing him.

No,please don't take my picture I am not pretty like Isabella!

Why won't people take NO for an answer and leave me alone!

Mom help!!

Mum do I really have to pose ?

Drat! that is an awful shot!

OK how about this pose?

Or this one?

Will I be famous like Isabella now mum?