Saturday, July 29, 2006

EDAC 2006 class dolls

This is the wall hanging I made in Fran's Sarray class. It was such an easy and fun class I enjoyed it very much. I am not a collage person but Fran's class made it all seem so easy.
Thank you Fran for a wonderful class.

This is the doll I made in Christine Shiveley's 2 day class. We first painted the the doll with light paint then applied the crackle medium then it was allowed to dry well and then we painted whatever skin colour we wanted and then gave it a coat of Mode podge. My crackles turned out rather larger than I wanted. Also I realised afterwards that I should have gone for a lighter shade of base coat more in line with the brown colour. Then the crackles wouldn't have stood out so starkly against the brown and distracted the face painting. It is hard to paint on a dark brown and on top of that the white crackles didn't help much. But now I know. Christine's class was just wonderful. She gave us so many tips and tricks and I learnt a lot in her class. The class was well paced and I never felt rushed. The doll is still not complete. I think I will change her head gear and have to give her a cuff instead of the ribbons. Also the ribbons hanging on the front will have to go. I will make something out of the same fabric as the jacket to compliment it. I have some ideas and still working at it with my thinking cap on. Hope I am over the hump of my creative low.

This doll I won in the opportunity item. It is made by Laura Lunsford and is just perfect for my kitchen.

I also took Marcia's bead encrusted bangle class. It will take a while for me to finish the bracelet but I am already loving it the way it is turning out.

You will find some of the pictures I took at EDAC in my Yahoo photo album

Friday, July 28, 2006

Silly me!!!

Teee.... heee... kept wondering why there were not posts of course clean forgot that I had put them on moderation. Must have some time done it unknowingly.
Linda thanks I wouldn't have checked if you hadn't reminded me LOL! My brain must have gone to sleep.

Thanks for all your posts and kudos on the Fairy. She actually has a little story to go along with it. So here it is:

Latanya is a little lonely fairy travelling far and wide over land and sea and mountains and valleys searching for a true friend.
One fine enchanted morning during her travels she meets a human. They both smile at each other and are friends forever. The fairy has a tiny amount of fairy dust which she sprinkles over the human which helps this human to fly with her over far away lands and seas. They laugh and they play and sing and listen to the streams singing their joyful tunes. As night falls she realises that the human friend has to return to her own place where there is no room for the fairy. So silently and sadly they both bid farewell to each other.
You can see her sometimes roaming in the early morning mists a lonely figure wishing those enchanting moments would come back. Sometimes she is the lonely figure sitting under the stars and staring into the distance wistfully. She doesn’t have anymore fairy magic left as she used all of it on her friend so doesn’t know where her friend lives. She doesn’t even know her friend’s name, and neither does her friend, as during those magical enchanting moments she thought that those moments would never end. Sometimes she wishes intensely that she would have her magic back to bring her little human friend back to her and then they could once again laugh and sing and play joyfully.

It is rather a silly or corny story but I am not a story writer. Just thought the Fairy looked a bit
wistful so a little story would be nice to go with her.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

While I am gone...

While I am away I thought I would at last unveil my doll which I have been keeping it a secrete. I don't think anyone from EDAC will look at it now. This is the doll that I was asked to make for the table decoration. It will be auctioned off at the end of the conference. I wonder how much she will fetch. Hope she will do well. Ok I better be off to bed now. Got to get the morning plane.
Catchya all later

Monday, July 17, 2006

Time to go to New Mexico

Yes it is on top of me suddenly. I am off to New Mexico for my conference yipeee!!!
5 whole days of creative fun and meeting up with old and new friends. I really need this break. Have been feeling rather jaded and this horrible tummy bug has really got me down. Although I know I am not fully prepared I know I am going to have great fun in Christine Shively's class and look forward to learning some new and exciting stuff and return will lots of new creative ideas. So I won't be posting for a while.

Another exciting event to look forward for me is the Knitting an Stitching show in October. This event is the largest in Europe and one can look at some amazing art works by some of the best fiber artists of Europe. One also gets to do workshops and buy lots of wonderful stuff.
Again this year Barbara Willis, Patti Culea will be having their lovely booth of cloth dolls. Above all this year Ray Slater from England is organising an exhibition of cloth dolls by UK artists. Ray, Barbara and Patti have been tirelessly promoting cloth dolls in UK and we are beginning to see the results. There are some wonderful cloth doll artists emerging and cloth dolls are beginning to take a place in the art world at last in UK.

Ray is also producing a Directory of Cloth dollmakers in UK. The above sample picture is not very clear but it should be along those lines. I have been invited to exhibit a couple of dolls and these dolls will be traveling in UK. The names are not very clear in the above leaflet but they will be traveling to Harrogate as well so I won't be seeing them until after December.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The long awaited and much needed rain arrived today!! Woo hooo I don't have to carry cans to water the garden.
Do you see the grass it is almost brown but in 2 days it will be green.
Had to walk to the station to take the train to work today and I could see the ground was so hard that the water just ran in riverlets or just stagnated in the fields.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Sugar has disappeared!!!

I am so sad that the my first ever cloth doll 'Sugar' that I made has disappeared. It is the one in pink in this picture. We had a cleaning lady come in every week and I know she is the only one who could have taken her as she had free run of the house while we were away at work. For some months I have noticed food stuff disappearing but I never thought she would touch my dolls. I also notice some of our linen is missing since. We have now stopped her. I don't care about the foodstuff or the linen but I do care that she took my DOLL!