Thursday, November 10, 2005


Well finally after observing my hubby they have started giving him some antibiotics today. At least I am relieved that it is nothing to do with his transplant. They are treating him for lung infection now, so he might have to stay in hospital a bit longer than I thought.

Phoned the company about my machine cable. I have to wait for 2 weeks to get it. I miss stitching now as it would have helped me keep my mind occupied at home while my hubby is not there. I am also waiting for some crackle medium to arrive which I have been wanting to try on my doll which has been sitting and waiting patiently for a long long time. Judi I am going to do what you did as an experiment. But I am really going to dress her up to the T for Christmas, that is when I get the medium!
I was also hoping to finish my couple who are so much in love secretly with each other. They also have been waiting so very patiently for me to dress them up for such a long time. I think now they are dying to announce to the world that how much in love they are LOL!!.

Thank you all for putting your kind words on my blog.



Isabelle said...

Dear dear Shashi,

I am relieved to hear that they are treating your husband with such care. I pray that the lung infection is not serious but am hopeful that the antibiotics will do their job.
Shashi I am sorry to hear he is not home with you yet... You must feel lonely, so I am sending plenty of warm hugs on your way. I now I cannot hug you for real, but my "hugs through the thought" (that's the way we would say in French) are very sincere.

Sorry that you cannot sew... :o( How about creating small dolls that you could sew by hand?


I have been thinking very much of you and your DH.

Zoanna said...

Dear Shashi,
I am a Christian who is praying sincerely for your husband. What is his name that I can write it down in my prayer list? Lung infections are so miserable. One does not appreciate the ability to breathe without labor until the lungs are compromised. I saw that you are willing to send scraps for charity? Well, I am going to continue making Katrina Kits as there are some 2000 people still at the Kelly USAF base in San Antonio, TX. If you want and can afford to send scraps, I would love it! My mom thinks it's too funny how excited I get over fabric, esp fabric in the mail. (Leonie from Canada sent me some and I was elated like a child in a toy store!) The bags we sew have been 18x18" cut. Some are a bit smaller, esp prints for kits. No two alike. Sometimes if I have plenty of one fabric, I will piece a different back to each one, or do a patchwork (but that is more time consuming). Hey , your winning doll is quite decked out! Where did you come up with her wardrobe and all that bling? BTW, please take it from Isabelle that it could well take over a month for a package to get here from there. She sent hers on Oct 7 and we're still waiting with hope!