Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Some good news

At last my house is begining to look that we can live in it LOL! I will have to take some pictures and post if I can find my camera that is. However the kitchen has still bits and pieces to be finished and the builder is avoiding it. That is a typical about builders all over the world I think grrrr..   Amidst of all this I am trying to finish Judi's Bella and send her on her way. She is almost done. Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to post her. I also managed to almost finish a bracelet just need some clasps for it which I can't find in the chaos that exists at home at the moment. So the pictures will have to wait.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bella's adventures in India

I haven't posted for a while much so I thought I should let you all have a little peek of what Bella Judi's little flattie or not so flattie did with me in India. Just fill you up with the back ground to this. We are doing a round robin with a Flat doll and journal. I have Judi's with me at the moment so I took her to India. Here are some pictures of her that I took in India with her

Ooh la la I am so tired I need to catch up on my beauty sleep!

Meeting the family. They love me they love me!!!

Going for a shopping spree.

A pity I don't have a dime on me. Otherwise I would have bought the whole shop up.

Ah it is good to get recharged with some lovely food and refreshements! And what fun I had being the centre of attraction!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My pupils dolls

Hello. I am back and now I can share a few pictures of the dolls my pupils made in my class.
They were very talented and I hope to see more dolls by them. 

busy sewing and enjoying it

No dilly dallying just getting on with it

Tea break? What tea break? Dollmaking is serious business.

Isn't she lovely?

Another beauty!

Well done ladies!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Life is rough

They say bad things come in threes well I have to hope and pray they don't. In a space of a few days we have had 2 tragedies in the family. 2 of my close cousins passed away in two different road accidents. I feel really low at the moment. Want to get back home to my space and curl up.

My classes went off well although the attendance was poor. The ladies who came were very enthusiastic and thrilled to have made a doll. If I am able to get even one person to start making dolls I will consider it a success. But at the present moment I am having second thoughts about teaching in Madras. I think people are still not ready for this kind of art. There is no desire in the part of people to make the effort to come to a class like this and they seem to take it very lightly.

However I am not going to give up. I am hoping to do an exhibition in Bombay and Delhi sometime this year. Hope to teach there I am told people are artistically more mature over there we shall see! I perhaps will also do an on line class but I am going to have to start putting a price for all of it as it is really not worth my while as I have to put so much of effort and time and money into a dollmaking class and people don't seem to appreciate that.

Thanks for all your comments and Heera good to see that you have a blog now as well. I hope you will show some of your dolls soon. I see how you are growing in your dollmaking. It is so amazing isn't it when you look back to see where you started and where you are now.

Zoanna, please do whatever you want to with the fabrics I don't mind. Whatever project you do with them will be fine with me after all they still are going to a charity.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Frapper Map

You will find my Frapper Map on the left hand side of the page. Scroll down it is just above the Weather pixie.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

More response today

Had more enquiries about my class and I am hoping they will all turn up. Trouble in India is people say they will come but then don't turn up. It is all very frustrating. I guess dollartistry is still a very new art here. As it used to be in UK earlier people look at you as if you are a bit weird when I say I make dolls or they think it is an old women's pass time.
I see several comments from Indian bloggers. It is nice to see that there are some young people getting into fabric arts. Also if there are any gentlemen browsing through please don't think this is an art for women only. Hey after all some of the great fashion designers are men, so why not be a doll artist as well.
I see dolls as fabric sculptures rather than just play dolls that one finds in side street shops and stalls. Of course there is a place for play dolls as well. But dolls have also moved on to become very sophisticated works of art.
OK I am off my soap box now. Talking about men making dolls I just enrolled a man student in my beginners class hurray!!!! Have I made HISTORY?

You know Judi it did cross my mind that Bella might have had something to do with my baggages. The little missy makes big eyes at everyone and wins their hearts.

Isabelle, there was no need for you to send me anything. Not that I wouldn't love to have it because I know you work is so exquisite. I look forward to it. Thank you soooo much.

I would like it very much if you all could put yourself on my Frapper map thanks.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year From India

Hello all I thought I must get to my blog today somehow. I am getting withdrawl symphtoms LOL.

Well had a very eventful journey to India so what is new! They diverted the plane in Dubai because of fog now that is a familiar word! You might say fog in Dubai? Yes they do get fog there and our plane was diverted to some other town so we missed our connecting flight. When we did eventually land in Dubai the airport was in chaos. The information boards were not up dated and there was no ground staff to help us and direct us to the correct counters. When we got there eventually there was almost an anarchy at the counters as the que was more than a mile long and only 2 people dealing with all the delayed flights!! The scene was chaotic and on top of that there were people who thought they were more important than others and tried to elbow to the front of the que even though they could see they had to take their place in the que! Well eventually after nearly 2 hrs standing in the que our turn came and we were given another flight to get to Madras. We were assured the baggages would be automatically transferred to the other aircraft. They sent us to a nice hotel to get refreshed. Eventually when we returned to board our flight things seemed to have calmed down and we got on board smoothly. Ha! that was short lived though. We landed in Madras only to find our baggages never made it! We were tired irritated and totally disgusted so I have to excuse my Dh here as when we filled up the lost baggage claim form he entered the wrong tag nos sheesh!. So we waited and we waited and waited and we kept chasing them at the airlines for the bags but ofcourse they couldn't find it. Then Dh for some reason looked again at the tickets and realised that he had given the wrong numbers of a previous ticket! One would have thought thy would have spotted it but such is our luck. We got our bags eventually after 10 days.
Judi I think your Bella donna enjoyed all the comotion. I could almost see the glee on her face to say hey I had a good time what is worrying you? I really was very worried thinking she had got lost and cursing myself for taking her along. But ofcourse I know she wouldn't have had it any other way. She is really enjoying herself and she insists on going everywhere with me.

Today I have been checking up on everybodies blogs. Love your creative adventures Judi as always. Isabelle I never ceased to be amazed by your projects.

I am also at the moment trying to organise my dollmaking classes. Not very happy with the response yet. Maybe I will get more enquiries towards the end of the day. I have arranged to give a 2 day class for beginners and a 2 day class for more advanced dollmaking. I have not really been feeling too well since I arrived. Can't get rid of the cough which I developed so I am on antibiotics now which is making me feel really yuk! I hope i will be fully well for my classes.