Thursday, August 24, 2006

Finished her

She is done at least that is all I am going to do to. I think I can add more things to her but time is getting on and I need to pack and sort things out. Had trouble with her face. As her whole body is painted with acrylics I couldn't use my colour pencils to paint her face which is what I am used to. I had to use acrylics and doing with paint brush oh goodness it is hard I am not used to it. Thats why the face looks rather blotchy. Finally I used gel pens for her eyes and lips as I was getting nowhere with the brush. Also some of my acrylics had dried up so I was not a very happy camper. Anyways she is done and I hope she will stand the long journey in the hold. Usually I carry my dolls in my hand baggage but now they won't let us. Keeping my fingers crossed that she will survive!

Going to India

I am going to India tomorrow so have been busy with various things. While I am there I am hoping to do a doll class. I am incorporating lots of techniques and tips that I learnt from Christine Shively in this class so I am sure people will enjoy it. I am not using Christine's pattern but using my own pattern. So lots of doll basics will be taught as well. Hopefully everyone will enjoy collaging this doll and get their creativity flowing.
Hey but I still have got to finish my sample LOL! I have only got this far and only 24 hrs left to complete her as well as do the packing and sorting things out and not to mention chatting to you all before leaving. Do you think I can do all this within that time? I got to put my superwoman shoes on now. Will show you the finished doll if I can before I leave and if I can keep away from the computer LOL!

One thing I forgot to mention I have used only paper and some trims to embellish her. Who says things we hoard don't come to use. Some of it is Washi paper and some just wrapping paper. I collected these paper from my doll club where one of the Japanese lady was giving them free. At that time I didn't know why or for what I would use it. It had been lying around crushed and forgotton in a corner. Now I look at it with new eyes and see the beautiful designs and decided to use it on her.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Blog change over

Just changed my blog over to google beta blog. They say it is better. Well we shall see. If I disappear suddenly from the cyber world you can assume that I have joined another cyber soul lost in the cyber space world. I must say this though I just tried posting this. It is very quick indeed. No waiting around while it republishes.

A little something

Since hubby was away for the past 2 days I had planned to do lots and lots of things but look what I ended up making, only a tiny pin doll! I was intending to stitch up a doll for something I want to try. However, I found a packet of beads that were lying aroud for awhile so I thought I would put it in its rightful place. I opened the box and found several things that should not have been in that box. So I set about finding the right boxes for them and guess what when I opened the other boxes I found things that should not have been in those boxes!! So it went on and before I knew it, I was trying to rearrange my whole craft room LOL! Looked up at the time it was coming up to midnight. So decided I should at least finish this little pin doll as I want to send her with gift for a friend whose 50th wedding anniversary is
coming up.

So here she is out of a largely unproductive night LOL!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Wedding cards

I received this beautiful wedding invitation this weekend and thought what a lovely idea Nancy in India had of using these wedding invitations into a journal. Most of the Indian wedding invitations are very elaborate and colourful. Although this one is not very colourful I think it is a very elegant card and I will use it when I start doing a journal and I am going to start collecting them. That was a great idea Nancy, thanks for the inspiration.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Paverpol lady

Today I went for my Paverpol workshop and here is what I made.

She is still not completely dry though. I used one of my own coloured fabrics which I wanted to try and not the one that they did in the class. I think the fabric I used was a bit too flimsy for the dark background. So it takes away some of the lovely bright colour of the cloth. I have highlighted the folds with some gold which has improved it a bit. However it was an enjoyable experience. Next time of course I will try and give the doll a bit more shape. I want to make one for the garden for which I probably will use clay to give it a bit more shape. She turned out ok for a first time I guess.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Paverpol workshop

Oh I am so excited. I booked myself into a class on Paverpol. It was going for a reduced rate and it is not far from home either. I will be taking it on Sunday. Can't wait to get going.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Meeting with Dénia and Flo

What a beautiful day it was on Saturday. I met up with Dénia and Flo and just as I imagined Dénia is a lovely, sweet little girl and I know Flo you are very proud of her. Flo is a lovely person too. We almost thought we wouldn't be able to meet because they returned to the hotel from Lyme Regis very late due to heavy traffic. But we did manage to meet and I am so happy that we did. It would have been a great disappointment otherwise. It was really very nice of Flo and Phillipe to bring Dénia and Benjamine to meet. I am so happy to meet the whole family. Flo you have a lovely family and you are such a nice person just as I thought you would be. I am so fortunate to have met you and so lucky that I get to meet such nice people on the internet.
I hope Dénia liked her little gift. I wish I could have made a doll for her but as I was short of time couldn't do it. What can I say my heart if full and hope I get to meet you all again sometime.
I am putting the pictures I took. Aren't they both lovely?

This was my little gift to Dénia.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Knitting and Stitching show

Well I went and booked 2 classes in this show. They look very interesting and already most of the spaces in these 2 classes have gone so I thought if I didn't hurry I would miss it.
Here are the descriptions of the two classes that I have booked.

Flip Flap Flop Workshop @ 15.30Layers of fabric have flaps cut into them; these are then manipulated and layered on other fabrics until amazing optical effects are achieved. The class will be shown cutting, bonding and ironing techniques.

Mixed Media Embroidery Practical Project @ 11.45A contemporary workshop combining paper and fabric to create a mixed media collage adding threads, beads & skeleton leaves in stunning combinations which are suitable for hand or machine stitch when dry

May be my creative block where collaging is concerned will get unblocked with these classes.
I am also looking forward to meeting up with Patti and Barbara again. Patti is doing a work shop of beading ATC's and Barbara is doing face maskes for cloth dolls.

Isabelle will you be able to make it for this show this year?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Flo et Dénia

Je vais rencontre a flo et dénia a la samedi prochaine. Je suis très heureuse. Is that correct Isabelle? Is that how it is written?
I am so looking forward to meeting up with Flo and Denia.
Isabelle opportunity doll is something like a raffle. We just buy tickets and put them against the items we want the most. And at the end of the conference they do a draw If they draw your name you win the item. When I saw the cat next to the doll i immediately thought about Voilette! So now I will be reminded of Voilette when I see the cat and when I remember Voilette naturally I shall think of you. Not that I need to see a cat to think of you but you know I will think of you whenever I go into the kitchen and see the doll.

Cal I have never done dog dolls. Trouble is I love real doggies rather than the doggie dolls so probally not make them. I wouldn't know how to embellish them tee...hee....