Friday, December 09, 2005

On going saga of kitchen

Judi I can't give the wings another coat because I have already stuck rhinestone on the veins and painted it with glitter. I only wish I had painted it with a different shade of gold. Didn't get to finish the doll last night as when I returned from work there was no water at home. The plumber had turned off everything and gone so we couldn't have a shower or wash anything. What a paingrrr !  Had to get the builder back he came around 10 O'clock at night and got the system working again. but I was so exhausted that I just wanted to curl up and sleep. Infact I did just that while we waited for the man to come. So had a late shower and guess what all my sleep had disappeared, so I sat in bed and made some scissor fobs. Sorry haven't taken any pictures perhaps I will do them today. They are cool and so easy to make aren't they. Thanks for giving some lovely ideas Judi.  I am going to make some to give as gifts. Perhaps I will make heaps while I am in the plane. Must remember to take beads and the bits in my handbag

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Judi said...

Can't wait to see your scissor fobs! They ARE easy to make and make lovely little gifts.

Don't you hate it when you nap and then can't sleep when you go to bed? I do that too. My mind doesn't shut off so I can fall asleep. I end up laying there working out design problems in my head. I'm lucky enough to usually remember them in the morning too!

Have a great trip!