Thursday, November 24, 2005

Some more embellishing done

Thank you Judi and Isabelle, I am getting some more of the embellishing done. I didn't show the whole doll because I couldn't get a good picture of the skirt to show as the fabric is so sheer so I had to come closer to take the picture. Once she is more decent you can have a look at her again. Did I tell you I tried to crackle her but she wouldn't crackle. This lady has a mind of her own!!
I will have to have a go at crackling again on something else.
Funny how one gets stuck on one colour for a while. My last doll also had a green costume.
Spent whole of yesterday trying to do the doll. I want to finish her quick and start another one for a friend.
I ended up using yarn for her body. I couldn't find the stuff I had bought from the model shop. No doubt it will turn up one day.
There is going to be more chaos in the house. Once the kitchen finishes hubby wants to get the rewiring done. I guess it has got to be done but I won't be doing any sewing then for a while a pity. How am I going to survive!! LOL! Just the thought of not being able to sew makes me want to runaway with the sewing machine to a corner LOL!


Judi said...

She's lovely, Shashi! She probably didn't want to crackle because she wants to look young, LOL. Did you wind the yarn about her torso or did you knit it?

There are lots of days I don't sew - but I would hate knowing that I COULDN'T sew. Maybe you should do some heads or bodies in advance so you could do the handwork when the rewiring is in progress.

shashi said...

I did wind the yarn around her. Took me ages as I had to stick it as I went along. It kept slipping as the body is smooth. Then I painted it with fabric glitter glue over and stuck some zardosi zaree over it.

Isabella said...

Wow, Shashi! She is going to be incrediable! The embellishing is stunning. I love love this doll!
Linda Fleming

Lizardlady said...

Shashi, I love your doll! What is she made of? Paperclay?
Charming to say the least!

Isabelle said...

Looks like you're having great fun embellishing your doll! She REALLY looks like a fairy - albeit a whacky one! ;o)

What kind of hair are you going to give her? How do you add hair BTW: do you glue it? Do you sew it on? That is my MAIN problem with dolls. And that's why maybe animal dolls are better for me.
... Which makes me think... I still haven't posted a picture of Seb's cat doll! Oh dear. (I finally created it as an interpretation of what would Seb look like if he was a cat... Yes, we are weird!).

Good luck with all the work and the mess at your home...
And if you can't sew at home, well why don't you come over! ;-D