Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thank you

Thank you all for your lovely comments. I too had a great time teaching them. Inspite of having hicups on the first day with the machines they all did a great job.

Thanks for the Gypsy kudos too. She is away now to the US. I did share my finished doll with Isabelle and Sarah but will wait to put it up on the net until after the event.

My Gypsy

Well I thought I would share the beginings of my Gyspy doll. She is not completed but I won't show her till she is judged but I can show her when she was being created so here she is

Sunday, September 25, 2005

More Pictures of doll class

Think her hair suits her?

Here come the dolls!

More pictures of doll workshop

Here are more pictures of my dollmaking workshop. This workshop was for advance dollmaking. I taught them to sculpt the face and turn tiny fingers, costuming, hair and face painting.

Meera one of the very keen ladies an accomplished artist and a teacher enjoying every moment.

Sarika is another young talented lady. Looking forward to seeing her finished doll.

Giving her doll a hair style.

My trip

Well I got back from India last week and now I am ready to show you some pictures I took of my doll workshops. I did 2 workshops one was for beginners and the other for a bit more advance class. The attendance was a bit disappointing because of festival and marriage and exam season. However the ladies who did come were very enthusiastic and so very talented.
here are some pictures of the beginners

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The very talented ladies of beginners class with their completed dolls

Isabelle's gift

So here is the lovely gift I got from Isabelle. The picture doesn't do it justice at all
Thank you Isabelle.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Beautiful gift

I have been very quite since I got back from India as I am really busy trying to finish my Gypsy Challenge doll before the due date and pack it and send it off. So I have not had a chance to up load any pictures. I was going to do it last night but couldn't find the connectors for the camera dugh!
However I must share this with you I had a beautiful gift brought to me this morning by the postman. My friend Isabelle from Paris sent me a lovely handmade purse and book mark and a kimono pattern. Isabelle thank you so much I will treasure the gift it is absolutely beautiful. I think I will just look at it and not use it as I am afraid it might collect dirt if I handle it too much. I love the beautiful delicate embroidary. I again promise to take a picture and show you all. I will sit down and read the instructions tomorrow. I glanced through it and I think I can get the gist of it and your little notes are very helpful. I am sure with those in one hand and my dictionary in the other I can manage to translate most of what is written.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Elves at work!

Seems like the little elves are at work in my house. I seem to keep losing things. I had stitched up a sample head to stuff and show my students and that has disappeared. So have to stitch another one before I go. Last night I lost my scissors between the staircase and my craft room LOL!! I can't for the life of me think where it has gone. Have been searching for it high and low and still I can't seem to find it. I seem to be perpetually trying to find things!! Well I hope I have got everything I need for the class I am going to take or else I will just have to improvise. Have yet to start my packing. I hate packing and unpacking. Wish we could just go away without that particular hassle. Hubby wants to stop over for a day in Dubai with regard his business, so I am going to take my doll body parts to stuff. Have to try and finish my challenge doll in the midst of all this. If I am going to be kicking my heels in Dubai I might as well do it while stuffing my doll. Wish I was going directly to Madras instead of stopping over for a day in Dubai. I hate these small stop overs.