Monday, November 07, 2005

One of those weeks!

Well I haven't blogged for a while. It has been one of those weeks. I was flying high and had to come down with a bump! Hubby has not been well whole of last week. He has gone to hospital still waiting for him to call and tell me if all is well.
Yesterday I wanted to take advantage of the quite time I had and stitch those bags but my power cable for the machine has disappeared. I have a horrible feeling that I might have thrown it away with all the rubbish I was clearing last week. I have searched for it high and low sigh! But I can't find it. How frustrating! I have to now order a new cable just when I want to stitch.


Isabelle said...

Hi Shashi, I'm sorry about your husband! I do hope it is nothing serious. Keep me posted, OK?

As for the bags - are you talking of the Katrina bags? We have covered the needs of the shelter... Which is wonderful news. I have quite a few surplus bags at home though, and have decided to set up an action for homeless people in Paris for Christmas.
But as for you, do not worry about the bags! Now you can sew a new doll - that is, as soon as you have found your cable or bought a new one (not fun! :o( ).

BIG hugs. I will keep your husband in my thoughts. When Seb is ill I always feel I'd rather be ill in his place - I just can stand to see him unwell.

Maryellen said...

Hi Shashi:

I sure hope your husband gets better quickly. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Judi said...

I do hope all will be well with your husband. It can be quite worrisome as I've found men don't go to the doctor unless they absolutely HAVE to.

I had a power cord snafu too - I couldn't find the power cord to my Pfaff and after searching high and low for it I bought a new one. Then one day I was at the quilt store with my machine (taking some kind of class) and the owner asked why I didn't have my Bernina power cord on my machine. Guess I finally found the Pfaff cord! I did wonder why I had an extra cord that I couldn't figure out what it went to. I thought I had picked up someone else's cord by mistake. But, no, it was the cord for my Bernina!

Hope you find yours! Or else you might have to practice your hand stitching for a while!

Heera said...

Hi Shashi,
Sorry to hear that your husband is not well. Hope he is getting better.

I hope you have found the cable to your sewing machine too. I normally find the missing items (notice the "s") in a week or 2. Its a bummer when you can't find stuff when you are in the mood!


PS: I love your blog and I try to read it often. Also love your Apsara. She is beautiful. Congratulations!