Saturday, October 29, 2005

She Won!!

Yipee!! she won! She won The Best of Show! Oh yes Judi I am floating at the moment that I am not feeling one bit sleepy. I really should be tucked in bed now.
When someone congratulated me I thought well either she has got one end of the stick wrong or I have. But everyone joined in the chorous as it were and it slowly started to sink in that I had actually won! Wow it has been a great day for me. I almost did not enter the challenge. With my house move and going to US and back again and going to India and trying to get the house in order I almost gave up. When I came back from India I started on her and I had barely 2 weeks to finish and send her off before the deadline. I wasn't even sure that she would reach in time. I am glad I did. This is my first ever major Challenge win oh I think I will keep floating for a while.
Here is the link for Susan's photos of the Gypsies
Thank you Susan for the photos

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Merrilee said...

Shashi, dear, we are so delighted and happy for you! You work is magnificent and I'm so glad you received this incredible recognition for your work. She truly is a gypsy spirit! Congratulations!
What I especially like about her is your subtle use of complementary color to lead the eye around the doll and up toward her face. The way the red frames her and leads you to her mouth and cheek, then, back around the whole doll again, gives her a sense of movement, not quiet. She is very much alive and full of "spirit". Love to you, Merrilee