Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wings and cap done

Finally I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have finished my fairy's wings. Tried out Jean Bernard's technique. I am not completely satisfied but it will do. I am still learning to handle any sort of clay. Her cap is a plastic bit I salvaged from a flower which I had shred to bits. Thought it might come in use sometime and kept it with my other junk that I have collected,so it came in handy as a cap for the fairy. I have decorated the wings with lots of accent beads and glitter and stones and beads. Can't see any of it in the picture. I wish I had used a different gold paint for the viens as this one looks a bit too yellow but can't help it now that its done. My fairy will have to live with it LOL I have done the hair on the doll but have to add a bit more to the costume. Will take a picture perhaps tomorrow and show.

I don't feel settled with so much of work going on and I have to pack away everything for the workmen to do the work while we are away. Wanted to make a doll for a friend but looks like I will have to do it in the new year. Time is running away. The kitchen is nearing completion. I am hoping the workmen will clear out by Friday at least as we are getting guests on Sunday.

Today Jey went and bought a Christmas tree. He said we must have a tree at least even if it is for only a few days. Then we will have to pack it away before we go to India. Every year we give something to our friend's kids when they come home. It will be nice if we can have a tree for them to take the pressies from under it as always. Feels a bit odd not having any decorations or a tree this year. It will be first time ever when we have not had any decorations up for Christmas. A pity as I love to do the decorations. But at least I got my fairy made for Christmas. I went and did some Christmas shopping today. Had to get those gifts to take home. Still need to buy for my mum and my mother in law. I am scratching my head I have run out of ideas as what to get for them. Have you any suggestions?


Judi said...

You are so creative! What a good idea to use the flower center for a hat! The wings don't look too yellow inthe photo - are you sure you can't put another light wash of gold paint on the veins? Or maybe foil them?

I'm afraid I won't be any help on the presents for the Mums. I gave up on mine - we stopped exchanging presents a few years ago. Too hard to find things. Good luck to you!

Isabelle said...

Dear Shashi, the wings look great!

How about making table runners for your mother and MIL? I made one for my mother last year and she loves it. Mine was embroidered but quilted table runners are quick and can look so rich depending on the fabric. And you told me you had plenty of fabric ;o) I just typed table runner sew in Google and there were heaps of results. Just a thought!

Good luck with your kitchen... :o( And I am loking forward to seeing pictures of your fobs!

Hugs my friend and enjoy your weekend!