Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Knitting and stitching show.

I am getting excited about this. Once again the very much looked forward show is almost here. I shall be going on the 14th. If any doll makers or blogging friends are coming do drop a line may be we could say hello to each other. I am also booked into 2 workshops. I did it early this time as I found all the good classes went very quickly as soon as the dates were announced. There are still some classes left so if you want to book up something do it now. You can do it on line here
I hope there will be many doll makers from UK coming as Ray Slater has organised a
Cloth doll exhibition. I am really excited about this because we will get to see dolls by UK doll artists. I know some of the artists works I have never seen, so it is going to be great forum for exposure of these artists and cloth dolls in general.
Lets hope it will take off in great style. If any of you from UK are around in London it is worth a visit as there are other great textile arts and artists and tons of stuff to purchase too. So come with a loaded purse LOL!
The same event takes place in Harrogate in November so those in and around Harrogate should make an attempt to go there. You won't be disappointed.
Ha! I think I have done my bit of advertising LOL!not affliated in any way just like to tell anyone interested in any sort of textile art it is something not to be missed. I am really thrilled about the exhibition.


Isabelle said...

I'm sure you'll have a grand time, Shashi! Don't forget to take your camera and take lots of photo for those of us who aren't fortunate enough to be able to attend, OK? This way your blogging friends can share in the fun vicariously :)

Big hugs to you!

Linda said...

Oh, what fun! Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time the knitting and stitching show. What are the themes of the workshops you are taking? Bella was wondering if they are having a class for making paper mache? ROFL!!!!
Linda from FL

Anonymous said...

Oh this does sound wonderful! You'll get to see Patti and Barbara again too! What workshops are you taking?

AngelSan said...

I'm going on the saturday with my mom... she tends to get even worse than me, and so last year we had so many shopping bags we took double our space !!!!

I think last year there were some cloth dolls stands, that made me think of you !

Apparently they dispatched my guide today, I'll have a look to see if there is any !

Anonymous said...

I also hope you take loads of photos! You get to attend SO many wonderful events! Very cool! Are you also a knitter? Love you, Kai

shashi said...

I wish you were able to attend Isabelle. It would have been lovely.

Linda I am taking a workshop called Mixed media embroidary where they are going to show us contemperary ways of using various stuff and stitching all together and another one call Flip Flap Flop.
This one they are showing us how to manupelate fabric to give an optical illusion.

Yes Judi, I am looking forward to meeting up with Patti and Barbara. Patti is doing an ATC class and Barbara a cloth over clay mask.
A pity I won't be able to take their doll classes which they do after the show.

San, I hope I will be able meet you in that crowd.

Kai, I do knit a little but not too keen on it. This show is for every textile artist although the heading doesn't really suggest that. It is one of the largest shows in Europe and if you are a Textile artist of any kind you will have a great time.

Flo said...

Well, Shashi, this sure looks great!!
As isabelle says, please take pics!!There probably will be tons of interesting things to see, and I see you'll be busy with classes!!
You're so talented already!!
Have a nice afternoon,
loads of love,

MaryO said...

Sounds like great fun Shashi! I'll come back and look for the photos I know you're going to take! :)
Have a good time and enjoy your classes.
Love, MaryO

Joy said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for mentioning that the cloth doll exhibition will be at Harrogate. So often these things are either 'down south' or I simply miss them completely. A note is being made in my diary to attend.