Monday, October 09, 2006

Can't say much

I have been busy with a project as well as getting sidetracked into various other chores. I can only show this to you for the moment.

I bought myself a couple of new toys so that I can play with them when I am free. One is a small tool to polish and engrave etc which I plan to try out on some gourds that friend was kind enough to send me. The other is some fancy eyelets.

I can't wait to use them.


Judi said...

Is it a shoe?

Linda said...

Okay, Shashi! I give! What is it? LOL! My first guess was that it is a fabric leaf you made and embellished?
Linda F from FL

Kai said...

No fair, no fair! We want MORE! It DOES appear to be a shoe - and a very pretty one. But you've been hanging around that notorious pair, Judi & Kai, too much, dear girl! And now YOU are being naughty and teasing us! LOL!

Dénia said...

Coucou hashi c'est dénia.
C'est toi qui a gagné mon concours!! félicitations!! bravo!! je vais t'envoyer ton cadeau... gros gros bisous..
Ta photo ressemble à une chaussure, non??

Flo said...

Hi Shashi, It's Flo, now.
So yes you're the winner. congratulation!! Youfound out that this lovely brooch was made by Benjamin!!Such a good boy isn't he???
E mail me your address, please so that I can send you the pretty bracelet she made.
You can see a pic of it on her blog.
have a nice day. loads of love, Flo.
Dénia is going to the dentist's to have a tooth extracted, poor thing... So, no Fimo today...
Big hugs..