Sunday, September 24, 2006

What I have been doing

Yesterday I was browsing through the Christmas section in one of the Departmental stores. I do this every year when the Christmas decorations are out as I get lots of ideas just by looking at them. I saw a cute little figure (wish I had my camera with me) and I want to make a doll to look like that now! I can feel my mind going into over drive as various ideas have started crowding in. Do you all find the same thing happening to you? Once a doll starts taking shape in your mind another one starts forming and another one so that you feel you are going to burst! Well I have sort of done a rough drawing and suddenly I thought Oh my gosh! I hope I haven't subconsciously done the head like Judi's gnome! So I quickly tripped over to her site to check and sighed a sigh of relief. No it looks completely different. The nose is different and so is the body and the head thank goodness for that!
See Judi you are such and inspiration. Seeing you create your little fella I have started one as well.LOL!


Anonymous said...

Oh my - a gnome! I can't wait to see what you do with him. I am doing over the head on mine. I drew it out yesterday and then when I went to sew it I got sidetracked and ended up working on something else entirely!

To answer your question I usually have lots of doll ideas and things to do brewing in my head. If I don't write them down I end up forgetting about it!


Linda said...

I am anxious to see this new character you have planned. And yes- my head is always full of dolls I want to bring alive-LOL!
Linda F from FL

aril said...

I am bigginning to make head!!! oh!!! my english! it's very difficult te realise this and I'have'nt idea when I do.....there are my fingers which know they do, not me!!!lol

Anonymous said...

Shashi, I think any of us who love to create have heads filled to the brim with ideas! And, YES!!!! I see things which give me ideas in Hobby Lobby, in 'goody' books (circulars for stores & mail order companies) in all SORTS of places! And like Judi, if I don't write them somewhere, they leak out of my overflowing head! LOL! I'll be looking for your gnome! I know it'll be great! And now you'll have more time to create! Wooooohoooo! Love you! Kai

Linda said...

I love blog and all your dolls Shashi. Please consider yourself "tagged." It's a new, fun way to get all our blogs out there. - I was tagged and was told to tag 5 blogging friends......LOLOLOLOL so you've been tagged. To see what you have to do please visit my Linda's Blog at . Have fun tagging.


Flo said...

I love browsing through the Xmas section of department stores too...
I bet you have so many dolls ideas... you're such a brilliant creator!!!
Big hugs