Monday, October 30, 2006

Invaded by Chefs!!

Life has been busy so I have not found much time to write in my blog or visit or write in the groups. I am waiting for the 2nd to arrive when I will be a free woman. It is only a few days away and after that I promise to try and keep up.

This weekend we were invaded by chefs in the form of our nieces. They decided to give me a treat for my birthday. So they cooked a delicious meal for us. They did not allow us to go into the kitchen or the dining room the whole day. So here are some pictures to share with you all and tell you what a wonderful thoughtful gift for the day it was. The meal and the dessert was absolutely delicious. So I shall overlook their very small mistake with the cutlery placement LOL!

Last weekend was my doll club. I did a workshop on Jean Bernard's wings and did a workshop on a face. Perhaps because I was not feeling too well or I was just pure scatter brain I completely forgot to take my camera so I don't have any pictures to share of the class sigh! I have asked another lady to send me some pictures so it will have to wait till she sends it. The class went off well but we ran out of time so they couldn't finish the projects. I hope the ladies will finish their projects and show it next time.


Judi said...

What a lovely thoughtful present - you must have wonderful nieces!! We do miss you when you are quiet!! But I'm glad your class went well and I'll look forward to the photos when you are retired!!!!

JudiA said...

What a thoughtful and loving gift!! I look forward to having you "back" when you start posting again.


Isabella said...

Now that is the kind of gift I would appreciate! It all looks so yummy. Linda never cooks me anything that looks that good. Happy Birthday, Shashi!
Big Wags,

Flo et dénia said...

Dear Shashi,
Oh no, was it your birthday??? when??
happy birthday, then. So sorry we're late.... Flo
from Dénia: joyeux anniversaire Shashi et plein de gros bisous pour un happy halloween.

Kai said...

Woooohoooo! An EARLY bd gifty! And what a yummy one! Dinner looked wonderful! But, see? They could go and do it again THIS COMING weekend as an AFTER gift! Heehee! I'm looking forward to the class photos, yet I confess to being happiest when I get to see family photos like these!

Maryellen said...

Yum, I wish I had my own personnel chefs. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog too.

Barbara Fisher said...

What a lovely thing to do - and it all looks delicious.