Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ally Pally

Well the day arrived and I started off at 9.30 am and as I walked towards the station I quickened my steps remembering there could be unforseen delays on weekends.
When I came to the station my fears were realised. The board read due to engineering works there are severe delays. From then on I was resigned to whatever was to come travel wise. The train arrived 10 mins after, which I thought not bad. I could make it to Ally Pally with still plenty of time. Then came the bad news. They annouced that the trains are being diverted so it will take over an hour to reach London. I thought well out goes my class I would never reach there on time. Got to Waterloo 1 hr and 20 mins late and qued for tickets, got on to plateform and qued to get into the tube. Got out of the tube and qued for the bus. Ofcourse with the mid term break for schools travelling took twice the amount of time. To cut a long story short I missed my class I missed seeing San and reached the exhibition all hot and bothered.
I made my way first to Barbara Bets and Patti's stand. As always they were there with their lovely smiles and hugs. Meeting them and chatting to them for a while calmed me a bit. Then I made my way to the doll exhibition. I was not disappointed. There are wonderful doll artists emerging from the UK and all the dolls were of very high standard. I met Ray Slater who arranged the doll exhibits. You might wonder where are the photos of the dolls. This is where I have to disappoint you. When I met Ray I said to her I was going to take some pics of the wonderful dolls and she said well some artists mind and some don't. Ofcourse since I was still recovering from my frustrating journey it did not sink into my mind immediately and I started clicking when half way through I realised perhaps I ought not to take pics someone will object so since I was already in the act of taking I clicked madly around and disappeared. The result was some didn't turn out well and the ones that did I am hesistant to put it on the net as I might get complaints. Most of the artists who had their dolls are not known to me. The only ones I am showing you are Ray's and the one which has a lion head is Treez's. I know these 2 ladies won't mind. So I am terribly sorry that I can't show rest of the pictures. But there are the lovely faces of Barbara Betts and Patti and their dolls. Sorry I am a lousy photographer especially when I had to push my camera through a crowd of people to take it.
So sorry I missed San. San there was a lady taking in French with her mother in law who passed me by and I stopped her and asked her if it was you she said no but she said there was another lady in the booth she just left who was French. Well it is like searching for a needle in a haystack in there so I didn't go on a wild goose chase. Perhaps next time we can meet.
I will show pics of the goodies I bought tomorrow as I have not had a chance to take any more pics today.


Queen Bea said...

Oh dear - I'm so sorry that your travels were so horribly delayed. On the bright side at least you made it there and got to see the dolls and patti, et al. I can't wait to see what you bought. I bet just fondling it will make you feel better!!!

Isabelle said...

What amazing pictures!! My fav is the one to the right in the first picture. But what a pity you feel like you missed half of the fun, Shashi. I can sure understand your frustration. HOpefully next year will be better! ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Despite your travel headaches, you managed some very GOOD pictures! I'm sorry for your delays 'cause I know you hated to miss out on things! But what lovely dolls! I am VERY intrigued by three in particular: in the first set of three, the one to the left with the interesting headpiece, and the two further down with the unique skirts. (One has flowers growing from it, the other all sorts of things on it!) Thank you for pictures! It's ALWAYS fun to see dolls! Hugs! Kai

Kerry said...

So sorry that you missed your class and had such a stressful time reaching your destination. It must have been amazing to see all these beautiful dolls though. I hope your trip home was better and thank you for posting these pictures.

Heera said...

Hi Shashi,

What fun is it to meet friends and admire dolls! Looks like you had a fun time once you got there. Sorry to hear you missed the doll class.

Can't wait to see what you got for your dolls.