Friday, October 20, 2006

Denia's quiz

A couple of weeks ago Denia
had a quiz on her blog. She uploaded a picture of a beautiful ring of her mum made with crystals and wanted us to guess as to, who we thought had made it. So I too had a guess at it. To my great surprise, I was the only one who had guessed the correct answer and was even more surprised that Denia had made a special bracelet as a prize! The correct answer was, her brother Benjamin! Today I received this beautiful bracelet made by Denia. It is really very beautiful. The picture does not do it justice. Denia I will treasure this bracelet always. Thank you very much for sending it to me

Last week was Denia's birthday so I wanted to give her a surprise birthday present. I couldn't show it to you but she has received it today so now I can show it to you all. Why the post just going across the channel takes so long my mind boggles! Here is what I made for her


Judi said...

... and what was her reaction? I bet she was amazed!!! Lovely bracelet - how sweet of her.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bracelet and a gorgeous doll and wow you got lots of cool stuff from ally pally, lot of stuff to play with! She was most thrilled to get the doll I'm sure!

Linda said...

Sahshi, that is so pretty! I bet Denia grows up to be a famous jewelry designer. Isabella is jealous that you got a bracelet that Denia made-LOL!
Linda F from FL

Anonymous said...

Wow Shasha aren't you lucky to receive such a beautiful braclet.Wonderful doll too!!!I enjoy your blog hugs Jacque

aril said...

ho!!! what beautiful doll!! it's really marvellous!!! the bracelet is beautiful too!

hermione said...

coucou Sashi !!! bravo pour le quiz , et bravo aussi a Dénia pour ce joli bracelet.
Je ne sais pas comment tu arrives à faire des poupées aussi jolies .

Isabelle said...

This is a very pretty bracelet, and the doll is gorgeous!! She does look like Denia too, with her long golden hair :) :) What a wonderful present for an adorable little girl :) I'm sure she'll treasure it her whole life! (((hugs)))

Kai said...

What a talented girl Denia is! And her brother makes things, too? Wow! I LOVE the doll you made for her! She's VERY pretty! (And GREAT stash from Ally Pally!)

Flo et Dénia said...

Merci merci merci..
thanks a lot for this gorgeous doll.
Dénia has not found a name yet!!
We are on holiday for a few days at my parents', with loads of difficulties to connect!!
We'll put the doll on the blog as soon we get back home!!
Huge hugs ( dénia says)
lots of love,
Flo et Dénia