Monday, August 07, 2006

Meeting with Dénia and Flo

What a beautiful day it was on Saturday. I met up with Dénia and Flo and just as I imagined Dénia is a lovely, sweet little girl and I know Flo you are very proud of her. Flo is a lovely person too. We almost thought we wouldn't be able to meet because they returned to the hotel from Lyme Regis very late due to heavy traffic. But we did manage to meet and I am so happy that we did. It would have been a great disappointment otherwise. It was really very nice of Flo and Phillipe to bring Dénia and Benjamine to meet. I am so happy to meet the whole family. Flo you have a lovely family and you are such a nice person just as I thought you would be. I am so fortunate to have met you and so lucky that I get to meet such nice people on the internet.
I hope Dénia liked her little gift. I wish I could have made a doll for her but as I was short of time couldn't do it. What can I say my heart if full and hope I get to meet you all again sometime.
I am putting the pictures I took. Aren't they both lovely?

This was my little gift to Dénia.


Isabella said...

Isn't Denia adorable! I wish Linda would get me a little girl. I'd sure have lots of fun with a little girl like Denia. I bet she loved the pin doll you made for her. Would you tell her that I have tried to leave her a comment but I must be clicking the wrong button to enter my comments (I can't read French).
Big Wags,

Kai said...

I love the pin doll you made, and the little girl is a sweetheart! But mostly, I love seeing you, Shashi! You're just the cutest, tiniest lil' person! How is soooo much talent bundled into someone so very petite? I think it's MAGIC! LOL!

Judi said...

Everyone is just as lovely as can be! Your little pin doll too! I must have missed a post or two because I'm afraid I don't know who Denia and Flo are. You have met a lot of Internet folks in person now - how fun!

Bear said...

oh Shashi
isnt it great to meet friends you have been online talking to (?)- and I am sure that Denia loved her pin doll- I know I would have - your pin doll is so pretty- and everytime I see a photo of you I cannot get over how tiny and gorjas you are my friend
love the piccis
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxxoxo

Isabelle said...

What wonderful pictures of your time with Flo and Denia. Three beautiful friends :) Denia is so pretty and adorable! What a doll she is (if you'll excuse the pun). Flo must feel very blessed indeed to have such a sweet, kind, beautiful daughter. Flo is beautiful as well!
It sounds like you three had a wonderful time and felt like kindred spirits :)

Isn't it just magic to meet wonderful people through the Internet? I am so grateful for the precious friends I have met through the Internet. :)