Friday, August 18, 2006

Blog change over

Just changed my blog over to google beta blog. They say it is better. Well we shall see. If I disappear suddenly from the cyber world you can assume that I have joined another cyber soul lost in the cyber space world. I must say this though I just tried posting this. It is very quick indeed. No waiting around while it republishes.


Kai said...

I had a HECK of a time getting them to let me post a comment, but persistence paid off! LOL! This pin doll is VERY productive, lil' Shashi! What a beautiful way you used this & that to create a lovely lady! AND, you got your craft room in order as well! I'd say THAT all-in-all,you had a WINNING evening!

Linda said...

VERY Pretty Shashi...very lady like pin doll
auntie Linda

Linda said...

How are you liking the beta version? I'm a coward- I always steer clear of beta testing, I wait till all the bugs are worked out-LOL!

Flo et dénia said...

Hello Shashi,
here we are again, computer (nearly) fixed!!
Dénia could not wait to put the pics on her blog!!
She is very proud of her brooch!
We were so happy to meet you in London.
Have a nice afternoon,
big hugs from the 4 of us.

Bhavani said...

Hi Sashi,
Nice to know another textile craft Indian blogger. I too hope I can keep up.
I am not as organised as I seem. But I like to think I am and it keeps me happy. I visited your blog. Got some really good soft sculpting there. I have a book gifted to me by an aquaintance. Never got around to trying anything in it.

Wishing you and your family good health and cheer,

aril said...

dear Sashi!!! i 'm trying to write in my bad english!!! it's very difficult !!! lol!
your blog is very nice and your dolls are faboulus!! I put a link with you!!!(oh my God!!!! my english!!!)