Thursday, August 24, 2006

Going to India

I am going to India tomorrow so have been busy with various things. While I am there I am hoping to do a doll class. I am incorporating lots of techniques and tips that I learnt from Christine Shively in this class so I am sure people will enjoy it. I am not using Christine's pattern but using my own pattern. So lots of doll basics will be taught as well. Hopefully everyone will enjoy collaging this doll and get their creativity flowing.
Hey but I still have got to finish my sample LOL! I have only got this far and only 24 hrs left to complete her as well as do the packing and sorting things out and not to mention chatting to you all before leaving. Do you think I can do all this within that time? I got to put my superwoman shoes on now. Will show you the finished doll if I can before I leave and if I can keep away from the computer LOL!

One thing I forgot to mention I have used only paper and some trims to embellish her. Who says things we hoard don't come to use. Some of it is Washi paper and some just wrapping paper. I collected these paper from my doll club where one of the Japanese lady was giving them free. At that time I didn't know why or for what I would use it. It had been lying around crushed and forgotton in a corner. Now I look at it with new eyes and see the beautiful designs and decided to use it on her.


anita said...

She's wonderful; very magical-looking. I'm looking forward to seeing her finished. Are you going to make her hair of paper too? (Oh, and have a good trip ... be safe.)

Judi said...

This doll is going to be spectacular when she's finished! Your students in India will have a fantastic class! Have a safe trip and we'll look forward to photos when you come home! Hint, hint. :-)

Isabella said...

Don't forget to take pcitures of your dogs in India!
Big Wags,