Friday, August 18, 2006

A little something

Since hubby was away for the past 2 days I had planned to do lots and lots of things but look what I ended up making, only a tiny pin doll! I was intending to stitch up a doll for something I want to try. However, I found a packet of beads that were lying aroud for awhile so I thought I would put it in its rightful place. I opened the box and found several things that should not have been in that box. So I set about finding the right boxes for them and guess what when I opened the other boxes I found things that should not have been in those boxes!! So it went on and before I knew it, I was trying to rearrange my whole craft room LOL! Looked up at the time it was coming up to midnight. So decided I should at least finish this little pin doll as I want to send her with gift for a friend whose 50th wedding anniversary is
coming up.

So here she is out of a largely unproductive night LOL!


anita said...

Oooh, lovely! I especially like her arms. What a great idea!

Linda said...

What a wonderful and original pin doll! I wouyldn't call your night unproductive at all!
Linda F from FL

Judi said...

I had to laugh when I read about your rearranging. I do that too sometimes. The doll is great - love the beads. Is her base a clothespin?

Kerry said...

She is great Shashi and hardly unproductive. She is a beauty and very unique and a great gift for your friend

Isabelle said...

Getting one's craftroom organised is certainly not unproductive, Shashi! Only think of the time you'll be gaining now - not to mention the pleasure of having everything handy when you make a doll.

That little pin doll is adorable! So cheerful, I love all those beads. You are so clever and talented. I wonder how one makes a pin doll.

Big hugs my friend, have a lovely weekend!

aril said...

veru beautiful doll! I like it very much!