Thursday, August 03, 2006

Knitting and Stitching show

Well I went and booked 2 classes in this show. They look very interesting and already most of the spaces in these 2 classes have gone so I thought if I didn't hurry I would miss it.
Here are the descriptions of the two classes that I have booked.

Flip Flap Flop Workshop @ 15.30Layers of fabric have flaps cut into them; these are then manipulated and layered on other fabrics until amazing optical effects are achieved. The class will be shown cutting, bonding and ironing techniques.

Mixed Media Embroidery Practical Project @ 11.45A contemporary workshop combining paper and fabric to create a mixed media collage adding threads, beads & skeleton leaves in stunning combinations which are suitable for hand or machine stitch when dry

May be my creative block where collaging is concerned will get unblocked with these classes.
I am also looking forward to meeting up with Patti and Barbara again. Patti is doing a work shop of beading ATC's and Barbara is doing face maskes for cloth dolls.

Isabelle will you be able to make it for this show this year?


Kai said...

Having been a knitter and crocheter as well as embroiderer WAAAAY longer than doll maker, I am going to want to hear all about these classes, Shashi! They sound fun and INTERESTING! And, needless to say, any kind of crafting ability can always be incorporated into doll making! When do these classes take place?

Linda said...

These classes sound great! One of these days I want to learn to do embroidery. I look forward to seeing examples of what you learn in these classes.
Linda F from FL

Isabella said...

Hey Shashi- check out this dancing dog and turn your speakers on.

Big Wags,

Bear said...

Oh shashi
I love the sound of these classes- I hope you write up and have piccies of them so we who get not get to them can see them- I love the sound of both of them but the 2nd one sounds so interesting I wonder if I can get there - gggg joking again - U have the best fun there dear one!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox