Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Thank you

Thank you for the kudos ladies about my Jester. I am so happy Isabelle that you get inspired looking at my dolls. It has put a great big smile on my face. I am so happy.
Must confess about the jester though. I didn't get the pattern for the jester in time to presew it before I went. Then because of the move my machine was all packed up so my teacher was kind enough to sew the body parts for me. So the colour choice of fabrics was purely hers. I only stuffed and sewed and embellished it. I am going to make another one with different colours. I too like him very much.

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Isabelle said...

Dear Shashi - you do inspire me a lot. I am so glad our paths crossed and that we now share our sewing accomplishments and endeavours.

I brought my first dolls back from my parents and I feel ashamed - one of them doesn't have a face yet. When I see the wonderful faces on you dolls I feel so awkward! I am so afraid to mess up the doll.