Friday, August 26, 2005

Here is my Clown

No wrong Judi here he is. Almost done, needs a cap but as always life intrudes when I am at home so couldn't get round to doing his cap yet. Perhaps tonight I will do it.


Kai Naconi said...

Namaste, Shashi! How great to read your blog! I feel I know you much better. Your clown is darling and as far as I'm concerned, doesn't even NEED his hat! What a handsome fellow! Wow! I also love your new house! It looks grand! Be happy & comfy there, you & your husband, dear friend! Now that I've discovered your blog, I will certain visit often! Kai

Judi said...

Oh darn! It was a good try! He's great - love the colors. Love the face - awesome shading. But you always do great work!

Isabelle said...

It's amazing and seems BIG! Like Judi, I love the colours. The face is a work of art by itself.

Keep up the gorgeous work Shashi - can you imagine how much you inspire me?