Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Leaving tomorrow for EDAC.

At last the much awaited date has almost arrived for my visit to US. I am looking forward to it very much. Excited at the prospect of meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones. Also I am looking forward to learning new skills. I know I am going to enjoy myself. Its a long time since I actually sat down and put some time into my art only. Life always intrudes at home but at the conference I will be doing only what I want to do Oh what bliss!

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Isabelle said...

You're going to have a wonderful time, that's for sure! Have a great and safe trip Shashi.

I was THRILLED to learn you'd started your own blog! Thank you for telling me, I really appreciated it. One of the first things I did when I got back onto the Internet was to add it to my list of blogs... And to check it out of course (alhtough I hadn't had the time to add a comment until now!)

Oh, and I have good news for you - I have decided to include dolls among the Birthday or Christmas presents I am planning to make over the next few months. Plus, there's a UNICEF project in France calling doll-makers to make original dolls that will be auctioned. Of course you are entirely responsible for that decision! ;)

Again, Shashi, have a wonderful trip to the US and come back refreshed and with plenty of new ideas and creations to share with us.