Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ribbon embroidary don't laugh!!

Hey Judi,
You put me in a spot. Now I got to show you my very feeble attempts at ribbon embroidary. Oh I am ashamed to put the picture up even. It is horrible. But then I guess one learns from ones mistakes or experiments. So yes, I will call this my experiment. I know it would have been so much easier to do it on a different fabric. But you know me, got to do it the hard way!
I was hoping to cut it into a petal shape and make a dress. Well that idea has gone out of the window for now. May be if I add a few beads it would look a bit better what do you think?


Judi said...

This doesn't look so bad! I think the ribbon embroidery works better with the silk ribbons instead of the sheer organza ones. At least it looks like your ribbons are sheer in the photo. Your roses look great! The leaves too. Just like regular embroidery, this stuff takes practice. You're on your way! Whoo hoo! Great job!

Isabelle said...

Judi is right, it's pretty! I'm sure the unevenness stems from the material. The only flower that "bothers" me is the darker, purple one. Maybe too bulky?
Making a dress out of it is such a good idea. I'm sure you'll achieve a great result!

Anonymous said...

shashi sweetie, it is easier on oneself to use pure silk ribbon, when silk ribbon embroidering. Leaves are just straight stitches, needle up throught the fabric and back down piercing the silk ribbon as you go back down.
That is a very pretty ribbon you have used though and I liked, the idea you had of using beads to enhance your design. I use Mill Hill antique beads and pure gold thread to give a lovely glint to the work.
Missing all my dolly friends heaps,
much love,
Lynne Cassidy
from Australia