Monday, February 06, 2006

Beautiful gifts

Close up of embroidary
Today I got a parcel from Isabelle which had these lovely gifts for me from her. Isabelle had made these for me for Christmas but sent them only now since I was away for Christmas. The pictures don't do it justice. Thank you Isabelle for your lovely gift. You are so kind and generous. As I have always said you do some beautiful exquisite embroidary work. I will hang the towel on my oven handle once all the work is finished in the kitchen. Thank you sooo much once again.


Isabelle said...

Dear Shashi, it was a pleasure to make those for you! I don't know what took them too long to arrive but all that matters is that they made it to your home!
I was thinking that you might like to have pretty towel hanger for your new kitchen. I do hope that the colours will match your decoration! There weren't many different towel colours at the shop...
(I did the embroidery with my machine...)

Big hugs dear friend :)

Judi said...

What a lovely thoughtful gift! I would be afraid to hang it on the oven handle - someone would use it! But I suppose they are meant to be used and not just admired.

Zoanna said...

They are beautiful. As is everything from Isabelle's hands.