Monday, February 06, 2006

Reporting on my gourd

I left my gourd to dry in the glass house before Christmas. Went and checked it up this weekend to see if there was any progress. I found it still sitting quite happily and looking as if to say well what am I supposed to do now that you have left me here LOL! Tell me do I need to bring it in to get the process of drying started? I am thinking that it might be too cold out there so it looks as fresh as spring still LOL!!

I took a picture of this fox fast asleep in my neighbours garden in the middle of the day. I have never seen one sleeping in broad daylight like this. He is quite a nuisance as he keeps bringing rubbish into our garden and leaving poops everywhere.
The other day my husband stepped right into one. It really made him mad LOL!


Isabelle said...

Hello Shashi, I was happy to see you had updated! That picture of the fox is amazing - to a French girl anyway. He looks so cosy there ;)

I am getting worried that you haven't received your package yet... :( I do hope it reaches you very, very soon!
Hugs and have a good week! Are the works in your house all done now?

Zoanna said...

What a unique shot! So he's up on a shed? I love the scenery. Quite impressive to my American eyes.
I saw a fox just a couple months ago at night near town, just cantering along the sidewalk like a small, furry pony. Freaky, really. Guess the poops would get annoying. Never thought of that as they are always in a hurry to get out of sight around here.

Barbara Fisher said...

Just look at that fox – how cheeky is he! He is curled up in exactly the same position as the one I almost stepped on, wish I had had a camera with me. Thanks so much for the link Shashi, I will enjoy reading more of your older posts over the next few weeks. I’m not one for watching much TV preferring to read, and blogs are my new favourite reading material.

I was really surprised to see badgers out and about in daylight, but it was such a treat. I know the farmers don’t like them, and in fact, they have been culling them in our area, which worried me because I thought these might have been driven from their home. They have not been back so I really hope they are safe somewhere.

Thank you for commenting on my posts today, it was lovely to hear from you. Hope all is going well for your husband. xx