Sunday, February 12, 2006

Looking better

In the dining room curtains have to go up. But yesterday I noticed that the electrician had fixed the wall lights upside down. What a bummer! So it will all be have to taken down and put right which I would think will involve another day's work! Oh why oh why didn't I notice that before the decorator got in.

The Kitchen is done. Still lots to clean up but it is usable now. Got to get some blinds for the window yet.

This is where most of my craft things are stored but so many other things get dumped there as well LOL! Got to clear it all out.

And ta da!! this will be my main sewing room. Can't wait to get it in order.

1 comment:

Judi said...

What a wonderful kitchen! It looks huge - it will be fun to cook in there. Love the windows. I am SO jealous that there is green grass outside your windows! It's all white here, LOL.