Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Papier Workshop

I had nine very enthusiastic students in my class in Chennai(Madras). They seemed to have had great fun even though the time ran out for completing their dolls. They went satisfied that they had learnt some fun stuff in the doll making class. Here are some photos that I want to share with you.

Some of these ladies had never made any dolls before so they really had fun stitching and stuffing and learning the basics.
One very talented lady busy stitching away.

They all just jumped in with enthusiasm

Busy painting the dolls

Chitkala showing her lovely doll.

Nearly there and they were very creative with the paper clothing.
I am hoping they will send me photos of the completed dolls soon.


MaryO said...

Hi Shashi! Most people are having trouble posting comments here, but I'm going to try! What fun these ladies were having and didn't they do a great job? I love this pattern of of your best I think, and your prototype is sooooo beautiful! I'm glad you had such fun on your trip, but we're glad to have you with us again!

Flo said...

Hello dearest,
thanks for those nice pictures. those ladies were very lucky to have you. They did a lovely work, didn't they?
Thanks for your mail. We did get your comment too. Indeed, we had trouble on the blog.

Rivkah Rosenfeld said...

Shashi, that is so wonderful! I think those dolls are fantastic, and you should be proud of yourself too!
Way to go!

Nancy said...

Nice to see these photos - everyone seems to have done a good job, and I hope they do send you the pictures of the faces. Got your note, glad you got home safely.

Anonymous said...

Lovely work, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves too! Glad to see you back safe and sound. anita (posting as anonymous, due to blogger's issues . . . )

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful doll and your class did great with her! I"d lve to have taken this class with you!!!!
This is the third time trying to comment....Glad your back home safe and sound!!!
Linda Kay

Natalie said...

Hi Shashi.
This doll you've created is Amazing!!! The ladies look like they had a alot of fun and I'm sure they were thrilled to have you.
Love the fact that you "got out of the box" and painted your doll-good for you-you did a GREAT job!!!

All The Best


Anonymous said...

Your students did a wonderful job, Shashi! But why wouldn't they with a great teacher like you and the gorgeous doll you were teaching? I am glad your trip went so well and that you are back home safe and sound.
Linda F from FL

Isabelle said...

Sounds like your class was a great success, Shashi, and that you all had lots of fun! The doll you made for it is so beautiful. I can't believe I missed the post where you showed her before you left!! She is so graceful and feminine, and she definitely inspired your students! I'm sure they were thrilled to bits with all you taught them.

I am back and utterly exhausted - but all went truly, truly well! Thank you for believing in me :)

hermione said...

coucou Shashi ! je passe te rendre visite pour voir toutes tes merveilles que Dénia a eu la chance de voir durant son séjour en Angleterre ...On est copine avec sa Mom et Dénia est l'NSP de ma puce ...
Tu réalises des choses vraiment magnifiques. Je te félicite .
Je repasserai , mais malheureusement , je ne comprends pas bien l'anglais demanderai à Flo ...hihi !!!