Monday, September 18, 2006

Doll by my student

I had a lovely surprise from my student. She sent me a picture of the doll she made in the class so here it is. Chitkala did wonders with the pattern. This is what she wrote about the doll
" I am sending 2 pictures of "Nefertiti". The doll insisted onbeing a member of the Egyptian Pharaoh royalty and the headgearseemed to be appropriate. There seems to be only a bust at the BerlinMuseum and I couldn't find a full picture of Nefertiti (except themummy skeleton which is believed to be Nefertiti's!!). After beingshut up in a pyramid or wherever,I am sure she would not mind beingclad in a modern mini skirt and top!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, she came out beautifully, Shashi! You are obviously an excellent teacher because ALL of your students made great dolls. Wish I could see them all completed! Waaahhh! I want to go sit in your classes! Maybe THEN I could make a presentable cloth doll! Love you! Kai

Anonymous said...

Your student did a wonderful job, Shashi! You must be very proud of her. I bet it is very satisfying for you to see the wonderful dolls your students create using your doll design.
Linda F from FL

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others, you're a great teacher! All the dolls I've seen from your students in India have been great. Soon YOU'LL be teaching at EDAC!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oops - that last comment was from me ... Judi W

Isabelle said...

Oh, what a beauty! I agree with Kai, you're definitely a great teacher. I wish I could take one of your classes some day! :)


Flo said...

It's lovely indeed!
What a great teacher you must be... I'll love to attend one of your classes too.
May be once... with Dénia ... and Isabelle!!
Love and hugs. Flo & Dénia

dénia said...

Elle est très très belle.
gros bisous

shashi said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments.
I think the students were all very talented so I cannot claim all the credits.
I would love to teach you Flo Denia and Isabelle. What fun that would be if we all could get together and do a doll one day.

aril said...

oh! what a very nice doll!!

MaryO said...

Ah, didn't your student do a good job, Shashi! That's the mark of a good teacher....I know you're proud of this one! One day you'll have to do an online class!
Love, MaryO