Saturday, September 23, 2006

Body parts!

I was just thinking today what I would like to send someone. (not naming names here te..he...) and as I was rummaging around I came across these 2 legs. Actually I had the whole doll body when I went to India but during my doll class I had to give away the head the body and the hands to various students. So now I am left with these 2 parts and I think they are going to get regenerated into a doll again.

Now this body and leg has been lying around for a while. I don't know if there was another leg to go with it LOL! I will have to do something about it soon. I don't usually have parts lying around like this but it is begining to happen more frequently now. I wonder what that means?


Linda said...

LOL! I have a drawer of left over body parts and heads. So far I haven't done anything with any of them, but I hang on to them just in case I might need them someday- hee hee! Maybe I could figure out a way to put them all together and make a crazy dog toy for Isabella?
Linda F from FL

Anonymous said...

Yep those things just start showing up for some reason missing parts or too many of one limb...
Linda Kay

Anonymous said...

I wish I had body parts lying around. If I did, it would mean I'd actually learned to make them! LOL! Shashi, you KNOW we all want to see the finished doll! I have NO doubt she'll be a beauty! All your dolls are! By the way, I was looking through past test dolls people did for Mary Tressler & saw one of yours. LOVELY! Love you bunches! Kai

Dénia said...

Dénia can't stop laughing seeing these body parts!!!
No doubt you'll do a good job with them;
lots of love
Flo & Dénia

Isabelle said...

Hello Shashi, those body parts are a funny sight! Can't wait to see what you'll do with them :)

Anonymous said...

OH NO! I have that problem too -- I must be contagious!! You should just see the parts I have scattered about my work room, LOL! Looking forward to seeing you work your magic on those legs Sashi.


Anonymous said...

Hang on to them .. then one day a famous doll artist will come to your house and make a doll from them! At least that's what happened to me, tee hee.