Saturday, March 18, 2006

Transfer dying

This is how we painted the dye on an A4 Sheet

Doesn't look all that great on paper but look at the results on fabric once it is ironed on below.

Today we had our doll club meeting. Jan gave us a workshop on transfer dying. It was fun as it suited me to the tee because one doesn't have to do too much to get some spectacular results. We painted the dyes onto a piece of A4 sheet. We didn't even have to do any design just put several colours of the dye on the paper. Let it dry. Then we laid our fabric on an ironing board put the A4 sheet with the dried dye on it face down. Covered it with baking paper and ironed it over with a hot iron and voila we got some great results. You can get several other effects simply by cutting various shapes of the paper or putting a plain paper cut into different shapes inbetween the fabric and the dyed paper or even putting feathers etc inbetween to give various effect cool eh

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