Thursday, March 23, 2006

Patti's class

I am taking Patti Culea's on line class from Doll Street "Radical Colourations" Usually I would have preferred to have taken this class when Patti comes here but unfortunately her classes always coincide with the week when my term starts and I can never take time off then. So I decided to take her on line class. I made this doll from the Pattern Drafting class which I took last year. I hadn't made the pattern up so I thought I could test the pattern as well as use it for the Dyeing and colouring class. Even if it doesn't turn out well I won't feel too bad about it.
What do you think about the doll? I feel that her arms need to be shortened a bit and her legs perhaps need to be lengthened. I am quite happy about the body and the head. Its the arms and legs that are worrying me. Your input would be much appreciated. I need to join the legs to the body differently so that the hip line is smooth which I will do when I make a proper doll. But for now she has to sit and I was in a rush so I joined it this way.


Isabelle said...

Dear Shashi, I too think that the torso and head are just right. I believe the upper part of the legs might be lengthened - the lower part seems of the right length. Conversely the upper arms seem a trifle to long - maybe the fingers a trifle to long as well, but then you might also wish to make a statement with them!
But she does look great already and those are minor things. Have fun with her my friend :) Hugs and have a good weekend!

Zoanna said...

I am jealous of her just the way she is. Long everything. I have "long nothing". :) Is there a "standard" for proportions in dollmaking? I agree w/ Isabelle that maybe the fingers are a trifle too long, but I think it adds to her whimsy. Perfection is boring; imperfection makes her real! I can "connect" with a doll who isn't Miss America--or Miss UK, or Miss India!

Isabelle said...

Zo, I so agree with you!
And believe me I have long nothing either, except for my hair ;)

Hugs to you both and Shashi, I am glad our comments were helpful. Thank you for asking it, it is a true honour :)