Friday, March 31, 2006




Your choice of body fabrics
Wire for Armature
Colour pencils
Your choice of embellishments.
Plenty of creative imagination.


Butternut is a template pattern.

1. Trace head, legs, arms on doubled fabric and sew.
2. Trace four for the body.
3. Sew first 2 pieces of the body where it is marked centre front/back together
4. Do the same with the next 2 pieces as well
5. You have now 2 parts for the body. Join the body keeping the rightsides together. Sew the darts in before turning it.
6. Turn all the body parts inside out and keep aside

This doll will need an armature. A coat hanger wire will do. You can have 2 wires but remember to twist them together at the tip . This end will will go inside the body or you can bend the wire into a V shape, the v end will go into the body. The wire should be long enough to go right up the base of the neck in the body and into the stand at the bottom.
Stuff the toes first. Now insert the wire into legs right through the fabric . As shown in the picture.

Start stuffing the legs making sure that the wire is in the centre. Stuff only up to the mark indicated. Keep it aside.

Next stuff the arms and the body. The body should not be stuffed too hard as you will need to insert the wire. Insert the wire into the body from the bottom , so that the wire goes up till the base of the neck.

Now pull the legs up and sew it to the body just at the point where the stuffing stops for the legs. Do not put the stuffed part of the leg into the body as you will find it hard to close the body. You will have to adjust the legs a bit to get them both at the right height and hand sew them onto the body . Once this is done you can stuff the body a bit more to close the gaps and then close the opening.

Stuff the head and close it with a running stitch at the top. You may need to add stuffing while you are pulling the head closed to get the wrinkles out. The face is ready to be painted.

Sew all the parts together and she is ready for you to embellish to your hearts content. ENJOY.

If you make a doll please do not forget to send me some pictures. I will be delighted to put them up in my website.


MaryO said...

Shashi, what an adorable little doll! And how generous of you to offer the free pattern when I'm sure you could sell this one quite easily! I LOVE HER!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shashi. It's so nice of you to share your pattern. She's really cute and such a creative idea too.

Judi said...

She's is gorgeous ... love her bright colors! Thanks so much for sharing this pattern with the world!

Juanita Lanaux said...

Thank you so much for sharing this pattern with us. You are so kind! she is beautiful and I can't wait to make her.

Heera said...

Lovely pattern and a colorful doll, Shashi. And thank you for sharing it with us.


ashok said...

blog hopped here for the first time...very interesting dolls sashi...keep up the good work, cheers!

Isabelle said...

Shashi, your new doll is excellent and you are so generous to share the pattern with us all! I just love yours, her vibrant colours and delicate face. I'll have to show her to Seb. I wonder what you used for the hair!

Oh, I'm going to Morocco in a couple of days and can't wait to see the fabrics there. I think Seb and I should go to London in May, is that fine for you? Or June if that suits you better. I certainly don't want to spend a weekend in London and miss you!!

Hugs my friend. I absolutely love your new doll. There isn't a single thing I don't love about her, the bold and gay colours go so well with her happpy roundness! Great, great job. I hope you're having a wonderful day!

Rivkah Rosenfeld said...

Shashi, what a sweet doll! Thank you for sharing your talents with everyone! You are always an inspiration!

Sylvia Alva-Mahoney said...


What a Goregous doll! Colors are so feastive and that sweet face of Butternut. Thank you, for sharing your pattern. I look forward to making Butternut.


Judi Ward said...

Hi Shashi:
The Butternut doll is so cute. One could even use a gourd for the body!
It was so nice of you to post a free pattern.
Dolly Hugs, Judi Ward
and...I need to take a trip over to see you after the summer.

Barbara Fisher said...

She is beautiful Shashi, if I had half your talent, I might even have a go at making her...