Thursday, March 30, 2006


This is Butternut. She was inspired by butternut gourd. Don't laugh now, I get my inspiration from almost anything so to get inspired by a simple little gourd is nothing to be surprised of LOL!.

She sort of ran away from me. I had different ideas at first. I started off by thinking she would be a he but well you know what these dolls are like they have mind of their own. I am not prejudiced or a womens lib person but that is what the doll wanted to be a she. This one is definitly not too long anything LOL! She knocked in my head so loud that she had to be let out soon so last weekend that is what I did. Drafted and stitched her up. Now I can share her with you.
She is FREE PATTERN for you to use.
Enjoy her.


anita said...

Ah, she's beautiful! Love those bright colors!

Anonymous said...

Oh Shashi She is wonderful!!You have such a flair for just about everything!!Creativity --color--- embelishing and oh those faces!!!WOw gal you have it all..Hugs Jan D