Saturday, July 29, 2006

EDAC 2006 class dolls

This is the wall hanging I made in Fran's Sarray class. It was such an easy and fun class I enjoyed it very much. I am not a collage person but Fran's class made it all seem so easy.
Thank you Fran for a wonderful class.

This is the doll I made in Christine Shiveley's 2 day class. We first painted the the doll with light paint then applied the crackle medium then it was allowed to dry well and then we painted whatever skin colour we wanted and then gave it a coat of Mode podge. My crackles turned out rather larger than I wanted. Also I realised afterwards that I should have gone for a lighter shade of base coat more in line with the brown colour. Then the crackles wouldn't have stood out so starkly against the brown and distracted the face painting. It is hard to paint on a dark brown and on top of that the white crackles didn't help much. But now I know. Christine's class was just wonderful. She gave us so many tips and tricks and I learnt a lot in her class. The class was well paced and I never felt rushed. The doll is still not complete. I think I will change her head gear and have to give her a cuff instead of the ribbons. Also the ribbons hanging on the front will have to go. I will make something out of the same fabric as the jacket to compliment it. I have some ideas and still working at it with my thinking cap on. Hope I am over the hump of my creative low.

This doll I won in the opportunity item. It is made by Laura Lunsford and is just perfect for my kitchen.

I also took Marcia's bead encrusted bangle class. It will take a while for me to finish the bracelet but I am already loving it the way it is turning out.

You will find some of the pictures I took at EDAC in my Yahoo photo album


Judi said...

I love all the projects you did. With the big crackles your doll reminds me of a giraffe lady! What a wonderful time you must have had - a week of dollmaking would have to clear any creative block! Can't wait to see what you do the Shively doll - it's magnificent just as it is now!

Kai said...

Shashi, you accomplished SO much! I love all your dolls (including the one you won!) and I never got to tell you how gorgeous your fairy is. That CHAIR, too! How'd you DO that? I want a chair just LIKE that for ME. LOL! (Needless to say, it would require quite a large bottom for MY large bottom, and serious reinforcements!) It really is LOVELY! You always do beautiful work, little Shashi.

MaryO said...

Whoo, Shashi, I love your dolls from EDAC and I'm so anxious to see your bracelet. I made one of Marcia's bracelets and absolutely loved it! Thanks so much for all the photos from EDAC, too!
Love you,

Isabelle said...

Oh Shashi, it looks like you had the best time! Those creations are each so unique. The doll wallhanging is so original, I love its colours and the face your made! Your 2-day doll is quite impressive as well - true, the carckle might be a tad excessive, but she has such a beautiful pose and figure. I really love her. And that doll you bought is adorable!! What a wonderful job Laura Lunsford did and of course that kitty made me go eeek! ;)
What does the "opportunity item" mean exactly? Did you win that doll through your Latanya Fairy?

Thank you for sharing all this with us. I can well imagine this whiped up all your creativity.
Have a wonderful Sunday my friend.

Linda said...

Great pictures! And I love the pieces you created in the classes. I am glad you enjoyed your trip and got to visit with so many of your friends.
Linda F from FL

Cal the Wonderdog said...

Those are really cool, what you can make. Hey, have you done any dog dolls or is that kind of missing the point?


dollymama said...

Thank you Shashi, the photos of EDAC are wonderful. It looks like you had a great time. I see some of my doll club pals, Jayne, Barbara and of course, Rae. I'm waiting to get a play-by-play from them on the all fun they had. And I think Barb is bringing me some of your beautiful silk.

And, oh yes, your new fairy is so sweet. Whoever got her in the auction is very lucky!

Tulsa Dolling Dames

Bear said...

I am way beind my blog reading- but I love all of your Edac projects- they are gorjas- crackling isnt as easy as everyone thinks- but now that you have played with it- you will be fine- and the doll is brilliant - and I adore your wall hanging doll as well and the kitchen angel is terrific prize and will be caring over you when you are cooking. AND U did Marcias bracelet class- oh me- I cannot wait to see your version- I love that particular piece of Marcias- its fabulous please finish it quickly and show us!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxxo