Friday, July 28, 2006

Silly me!!!

Teee.... heee... kept wondering why there were not posts of course clean forgot that I had put them on moderation. Must have some time done it unknowingly.
Linda thanks I wouldn't have checked if you hadn't reminded me LOL! My brain must have gone to sleep.

Thanks for all your posts and kudos on the Fairy. She actually has a little story to go along with it. So here it is:

Latanya is a little lonely fairy travelling far and wide over land and sea and mountains and valleys searching for a true friend.
One fine enchanted morning during her travels she meets a human. They both smile at each other and are friends forever. The fairy has a tiny amount of fairy dust which she sprinkles over the human which helps this human to fly with her over far away lands and seas. They laugh and they play and sing and listen to the streams singing their joyful tunes. As night falls she realises that the human friend has to return to her own place where there is no room for the fairy. So silently and sadly they both bid farewell to each other.
You can see her sometimes roaming in the early morning mists a lonely figure wishing those enchanting moments would come back. Sometimes she is the lonely figure sitting under the stars and staring into the distance wistfully. She doesn’t have anymore fairy magic left as she used all of it on her friend so doesn’t know where her friend lives. She doesn’t even know her friend’s name, and neither does her friend, as during those magical enchanting moments she thought that those moments would never end. Sometimes she wishes intensely that she would have her magic back to bring her little human friend back to her and then they could once again laugh and sing and play joyfully.

It is rather a silly or corny story but I am not a story writer. Just thought the Fairy looked a bit
wistful so a little story would be nice to go with her.


Flo et Dénia said...

What a lovely story!! I just translated it to Dénia who loved it.

Isabella said...

I'll be the fairy's friend, Shashi! I've never met a fairy,but I know I would like them. I would let them ride on my back. It makes me sad that the fairy is lonely.
Big Wags,

Maryellen said...

Hi Shashi:

Thanks for your kind words about my head. I think he or she is a cross between a house elf from Harry Potter and a fawn on The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe. I've enjoyed making it. Your fairy is just beautiful and I kliked the story too. It's a bit sad but that's okay too. I hope your having fun in New Mexicao.

Isabelle said...

Dear Shashi, it's good to see you back :) The bittersweet story goes wonderfully with your wonderful fairy... She is so graceful from head to toe - I just love her ballerinas.

I'll try to email you as soon as possible. I have lots on my plate at the moment and it's hard to keep up with the Internet! But I wanted to thank you for your email. You'll have to tell us all about the EDAC conference and your time in the US!
Love to you my friend. Take care!

Zoanna said...

You hooked me into the sad story. But stories are more believable and winsome when they are true to life, and who leads a happy-all-the-time life anyway? Beautiful fairy doll.