Monday, July 17, 2006

Time to go to New Mexico

Yes it is on top of me suddenly. I am off to New Mexico for my conference yipeee!!!
5 whole days of creative fun and meeting up with old and new friends. I really need this break. Have been feeling rather jaded and this horrible tummy bug has really got me down. Although I know I am not fully prepared I know I am going to have great fun in Christine Shively's class and look forward to learning some new and exciting stuff and return will lots of new creative ideas. So I won't be posting for a while.

Another exciting event to look forward for me is the Knitting an Stitching show in October. This event is the largest in Europe and one can look at some amazing art works by some of the best fiber artists of Europe. One also gets to do workshops and buy lots of wonderful stuff.
Again this year Barbara Willis, Patti Culea will be having their lovely booth of cloth dolls. Above all this year Ray Slater from England is organising an exhibition of cloth dolls by UK artists. Ray, Barbara and Patti have been tirelessly promoting cloth dolls in UK and we are beginning to see the results. There are some wonderful cloth doll artists emerging and cloth dolls are beginning to take a place in the art world at last in UK.

Ray is also producing a Directory of Cloth dollmakers in UK. The above sample picture is not very clear but it should be along those lines. I have been invited to exhibit a couple of dolls and these dolls will be traveling in UK. The names are not very clear in the above leaflet but they will be traveling to Harrogate as well so I won't be seeing them until after December.


Flo said...

Have a nice trip. Your conference will surely be a success!!

Bear said...

Congratulations Shashi You deserve this recognition as well- you have been promoting dolls in the UK and also back in India - and your teaching is bringing hope to many. I hope we get to see the dolls you send on this tour they are going on.
The Cloth Directory is a great idea- and I love the doll on the cover sheet- who is that one by - do you know?? Will it be vailable to other countries??
Please keep us in the loop about these great devolopments
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox

Judi said...

What a wonderful idea Ray has - is that one of her dolls on the cover? The form is simple but the layers of fabric takes your eye away from that and directs it to the costuming. I don't think they could have a good exhibit without your dolls!