Tuesday, January 03, 2006

More response today

Had more enquiries about my class and I am hoping they will all turn up. Trouble in India is people say they will come but then don't turn up. It is all very frustrating. I guess dollartistry is still a very new art here. As it used to be in UK earlier people look at you as if you are a bit weird when I say I make dolls or they think it is an old women's pass time.
I see several comments from Indian bloggers. It is nice to see that there are some young people getting into fabric arts. Also if there are any gentlemen browsing through please don't think this is an art for women only. Hey after all some of the great fashion designers are men, so why not be a doll artist as well.
I see dolls as fabric sculptures rather than just play dolls that one finds in side street shops and stalls. Of course there is a place for play dolls as well. But dolls have also moved on to become very sophisticated works of art.
OK I am off my soap box now. Talking about men making dolls I just enrolled a man student in my beginners class hurray!!!! Have I made HISTORY?

You know Judi it did cross my mind that Bella might have had something to do with my baggages. The little missy makes big eyes at everyone and wins their hearts.

Isabelle, there was no need for you to send me anything. Not that I wouldn't love to have it because I know you work is so exquisite. I look forward to it. Thank you soooo much.

I would like it very much if you all could put yourself on my Frapper map thanks.

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