Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year From India

Hello all I thought I must get to my blog today somehow. I am getting withdrawl symphtoms LOL.

Well had a very eventful journey to India so what is new! They diverted the plane in Dubai because of fog now that is a familiar word! You might say fog in Dubai? Yes they do get fog there and our plane was diverted to some other town so we missed our connecting flight. When we did eventually land in Dubai the airport was in chaos. The information boards were not up dated and there was no ground staff to help us and direct us to the correct counters. When we got there eventually there was almost an anarchy at the counters as the que was more than a mile long and only 2 people dealing with all the delayed flights!! The scene was chaotic and on top of that there were people who thought they were more important than others and tried to elbow to the front of the que even though they could see they had to take their place in the que! Well eventually after nearly 2 hrs standing in the que our turn came and we were given another flight to get to Madras. We were assured the baggages would be automatically transferred to the other aircraft. They sent us to a nice hotel to get refreshed. Eventually when we returned to board our flight things seemed to have calmed down and we got on board smoothly. Ha! that was short lived though. We landed in Madras only to find our baggages never made it! We were tired irritated and totally disgusted so I have to excuse my Dh here as when we filled up the lost baggage claim form he entered the wrong tag nos sheesh!. So we waited and we waited and waited and we kept chasing them at the airlines for the bags but ofcourse they couldn't find it. Then Dh for some reason looked again at the tickets and realised that he had given the wrong numbers of a previous ticket! One would have thought thy would have spotted it but such is our luck. We got our bags eventually after 10 days.
Judi I think your Bella donna enjoyed all the comotion. I could almost see the glee on her face to say hey I had a good time what is worrying you? I really was very worried thinking she had got lost and cursing myself for taking her along. But ofcourse I know she wouldn't have had it any other way. She is really enjoying herself and she insists on going everywhere with me.

Today I have been checking up on everybodies blogs. Love your creative adventures Judi as always. Isabelle I never ceased to be amazed by your projects.

I am also at the moment trying to organise my dollmaking classes. Not very happy with the response yet. Maybe I will get more enquiries towards the end of the day. I have arranged to give a 2 day class for beginners and a 2 day class for more advanced dollmaking. I have not really been feeling too well since I arrived. Can't get rid of the cough which I developed so I am on antibiotics now which is making me feel really yuk! I hope i will be fully well for my classes.


Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Hi Shashi! I saw your ad in the Hindu (Chennai) this morning. I am interested in your doll making workshop. So when and where is the workshop?
Adyar, Chennai

aquamarine said...

Hi Shashi,
ENjoyed reading your blog. But what really caught my interest was your doll-making workshop in CHennai. I came across the website in THE HINDU.
Adyar, Chennai

Paula said...

Hi Shashi! I just want to send best wishes to you for a Happy New Year!

Isabelle said...

Oh my dear friend, it is lovely to read you again! I've been missing you... Wondering whether you were having a good time. That plane story is crazy!! Glad your luggage made it in the end (even if ten days late... Can't imagine how you managed in between!!)

I am sorry as well to read how sick you are... :o( I do hope you'll get better very soon and that your workshops will be wonderful!

Let me wish you a Happy New Year my friend. I hope your Christmas and end-of-year celebrations were very happy.

I wonder when you are going back to England (I prefer to wait till you're home to send you your Christmas package: this way it won't be waiting in a PO for your return!).

Many, many hugs my friend and I hope you do get better. Take care!

Judi said...

I think I know why your baggage was lost - it was Bella - you know she likes to be late! She probably arranged it so she could do more sightseeing. Bad girl! I would have gone crazy without my luggage for one day much less ten!

I hope your doll making classes go well. I see you are getting notes on your blog about the classes. Good for you!

Talk to you when you get home! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Zoanna said...

Crazy plane story! I could feel your frustration just reading about it. Glad you're safe and sound, but sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I have had you on my mind lately as I've been prewashing each of these fabrics. They are rich in color. You know what that means! But it's okay, it keeps me feeling like a pioneer woman in the days of rinsing and wringing by hand! hehehe. Would you prefer I make and keep bags on hand for the next disaster, or make some and give sooner to a homeless shelter? I know a lady who ministers personally to them here in a neighboring county. It's your call. I want to honor your wishes.