Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bella's adventures in India

I haven't posted for a while much so I thought I should let you all have a little peek of what Bella Judi's little flattie or not so flattie did with me in India. Just fill you up with the back ground to this. We are doing a round robin with a Flat doll and journal. I have Judi's with me at the moment so I took her to India. Here are some pictures of her that I took in India with her

Ooh la la I am so tired I need to catch up on my beauty sleep!

Meeting the family. They love me they love me!!!

Going for a shopping spree.

A pity I don't have a dime on me. Otherwise I would have bought the whole shop up.

Ah it is good to get recharged with some lovely food and refreshements! And what fun I had being the centre of attraction!


Isabelle said...

What a lovely, funny post!
I loved looking at your photos. Where are you? Are you the lady in the last photo?

Hugs my friend. Hope you're having a good day! At least, it's sunny in both our cities :)

shashi said...

Yes Isabelle thats me in the last photo with Bella.

Isabelle said...

Hello Shashi, I hadn't seen your answer in the comments section... You are a beautiful and radiant lady. Radiant is really the word that comes to mind on seeing you!
Thank you for showing a picture, it is so good to be able to know one's friends... Even if we've never met yet.

Hugs my friend. I hope your day will be nice!

Sujatha said...

Hello aunty,Bella is lovely!!
I liked your blog its g8.

Zoanna said...

She is a gorgeous doll. Wish I half the bosom she does. I might be the center of attention. Ha!