Monday, June 05, 2006

The sun was out at last!

At last the sun was out and the weekend was just beautiful. I took advantage of it and just relaxed in the garden with my nieces who came to visit us. Oh it is so lovely to feel the sun. Feels as though it is years since I saw the sun!
I also did some work on my fairy's perch. I experimented with Paverpol. Sorry can't show you yet. But all I can say is I am very pleased with it.
Today back to work and guess what, the weather is still beautiful. The weather changes constantly here that no wonder we get excited over just a fews hours of sun in this country as well as we talk more about the weather than anything else!!
Glad to know that Paris is having the sunshine as well Isabelle. So now I can imagine you too enjoying the sun.

Some pictures of the lovely climbing roses in the garden

This little bee was very very busy

Thought this tree looked beautiful in the sunshine the picture doesn't do it justice. The yellow is almost golden in the sunshine.


Isabelle said...

What lovely pictures, Shashi! Thank you for sharing them with us. I showed them to Sébastien as well.
Yes it is finally sunny and warm in Paris, and I can wear the two little skirts I made over the past two Sundays. But I'm too saddened to post much on my blog today.... I'll share pictures of them later. A dear friend just lost her husband...

I hope you're having a beautiful day.

Flo said...

hello, thanks for those lovely pictures. i'm glag you can enjoy some sun. We have loads in Southern France!
Dénia, my daughter loves those roses too.

Flo said...

flo again,
thanks for dropping by Dénia's blog. She was very proud!
If you want me to translate anything from her blog, feel free to ask. it will be a pleasure!!
Dénia, who loves your dolls, asks if she can add your blog in her links.

Isabella said...

The only thing missing in your garden is a dog, Shashi! It's such a pretty place, but a dog playing in the garden would make it perfect, dontcha' think? And you sew so well, you make your dog cute little outfits. Linda doesn't sew very well, and I sure don't want to wear outfits she could make out of clay.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and wishing me well after my surgery. Flo and Denia from France stopped by, too. Isn't it great how how the internet enbables dogs and humans from all over the world to get to know each other?
Big Wags,

Paula said...

Such a pretty place Shashi, thanks for sharing.... the weather here has been so nice the past two days, maybe I'll et time to share some pix...

ashok said...

the climbing rose is just beautiful :)

Anil said...

Very pretty place. The little pond looks inviting!

Doll5272 said...

What beautiful flowers and picutures! Thank you for sharing!