Monday, June 19, 2006

Now it is there and now it is not!

I have not posted for a while simply because nothing exciting has been happening at my corner of the world and nor have I been productive with my doll making. Well I have a doll in the making unfortunately as I said earlier I can't show her to you yet. I will post her picture just before I leave for the States next month.
As you can see weekend passed by with getting rid of the pond that we had. We found it very time consuming to maintain it. All it did was breed frogs and mosquitoes and goodness knows what. The fish disappeared as breakfast for the herons sometime ago. The foxes also kept chewing up the tubing for the filter system. So now we are building a rock garden which should look nice once it fills out and have got a pebble pond in its place. At least we can hear the noise of water falling even though there isn't a water fall only a small cascade of water overflowing into the pebbles. Also the birds can have a dip in the water. You cannot see in the picture but water comes out of the big stone at the centre of the pebbles and spills over and there is a small shallow area where the water collects so the birds are happy and so are we.

Saturday I went for my dollclub meeting. We had a workshop of how to make felt dolls. I came back with a head its not much of a head but still a head. I seem to be making only heads lately ha!


Flo said...

Well, it was probably very nice to have a pond, but as you say,I guess there were many "uninvited" animals too!!
Anyway, you little 'rocky garden' is lovely!!

Isabelle said...

Hello dear Shashi. My parents used to have a pond in their countryhouse and had it filled for exactly the same reasons.

And I see you are trying a new way of making dolls. I cannot wait to see what will become of that head.

Thank you so much for your email... I'll try to be a little more talkative as soon as I can. ((((hugs)))) and thank you for your friendship and support - it means so much!

Good luck with everything my friend. I hope this week will be happy for you.

Isabella said...

Shashi! If you had a dog, she would keep all these wild intruders out of your yard. No more foxes chewing on your things- your dog would send it running from your yard, dontcha' know? Even a little dog would protect your yard from these wild intruders. I'm telling you, Shashi, you need a dog!
Big Wags,