Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fairy Perch

Well this is the perch I have made for my fairy. I think I can show this to you.The flower and the leaves on the stem are ready made but the seat is made by using paverpol. I wanted the doll to sit on the stem of the flower but knew it would not be able to support the weight of the doll. So I made a seat and you know me, anything that can be done easily I do it. Not much brainwork required here. First bent a wire and wrapped it around the stem to make the base then wrapped this base with dyed linen dipped in paverpol and let it dry. This steadied the base. I then dyed some thin linen with some green colorhue which was lying around. I know colorhue is for silk fabrics but I used it for this linen to try it out. After all I thought, it was going to be covered with paverpol so what did it matter what dye I used. The colour has not faded. I purposely left it near a window where the sun comes in. I then bent thin wire into the shape of leaves and stuck this dyed thin linen onto it and cut out the leaf shapes and applied the paverpol with brush onto the leaves and made it lean onto the base. It stuck to it! Once it dried it was amazing how strong it became. I think one can even make some lovely fairy wings with this stuff. It is wonderful stuff. I am going to try out something else soon but got to finish my fairy first.


Judi said...

This is just lovely! Can't wait to see the doll that will sit on it .. I know, I know ... I have to wait until after you-know-what is over!

Flo said...

This is gorgeous.
i can't wiat to see the doll either!!

Isabelle said...

Hello Shashi, this is so beautiful. That Papervol stuff sounds amazing. What a great job you did, making this flower stand!

Bear said...

hi Shashi
its been so long since I paid a visit and you have been up to some wonderful things- I really must get some of this Papervol stuff- it looks brilliant - and dareling so is your fairy seat- its lovely darling - I jope your fairies seat soon has a fairy sitting on it
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxxoxo